Third Quarter Reading 2013

This is the most reading I’ve done in any quarter this year (26 books), and it’s mainly thanks to audiobooks. Clearly, I’ve been spending a ton of time in front of my computer, late at night, working. Multi-tasking at its finest. Not all of the titles I read were outstanding, but there were definitely a few that made it to my must read books list!

2013 third quarter reading

And scene. Read anything good this quarter? Suggest away.

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  1. I posted my third quarter books earlier this week. And last night I finished the latest from Sue Grafton, W Is For Wasted. Really good.

  2. I really couldn't get into Letters From Skye – none of the voices sounded different enough to make me believe they weren't written by the same person, and then when I realized it was going to be about adultery I lost all interest. I'd rather just read the Potato Peel Pie book again.

    Have you read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell? It's the only one of hers I've read (there are still 6 people ahead of me for Eleanor & Park at the library), and I loved it. It's a lot happier than everything I've heard about E&P.

  3. I really liked Where'd You Go Bernadette, but I can see why it'd be confusing in audio format. I borrowed the hardback from the library, and it was easy to read.

  4. I just placed requests at my local library for many of your suggestions. So your third quarter becomes my fourth quarter reads.

    Question, though – how many books to you aim to read in a calendar year? My initial goal was 48 for the year (about 4/month), but I've already reached that. I work outside the home about 45-50 hours a week, but I am able to redeem some of my commuting time for reading.

  5. The best book I read last quarter was Half the Sky. The content is super difficult, but it's so important that I'm really pressing it into the hands of anyone I possibly can.

    I also really liked The Gifts of Imperfection, Rules of Civility, The Paradox of Choice, and A Meal with Jesus. Oh, and What the Dog Saw, because I agree: no one is Malcolm Gladwell.

  6. As I just finished FANGIRL and was somewhat over the moon for it, I'm thinking I'll need to pick up ELEANOR & PARK sooner rather than later. Though I'm not really in the mood for depressing just now . . .

  7. Hm, I'm sorry about The Night Circus being such a dud for you. I guessed it wouldn't be completely your favorite, but I did love Jim Dale's narration. Or maybe, I just love his voice, no matter what he's reading.

    Definitely planning to look into Kate Morton now.

  8. The Night Circus was just too darn long! I think it could have been better if it was pared down because by the end, I just wanted it to be over. but interesting concept and as always, love jim dale.

  9. Aw, I really loved "The Night Circus," but it wasn't an easy read for me, if that makes sense. I'm reading "The Universe vs. Alex Woods" right now.

  10. I seriously don't know how you do it. Since I had #2 and moved, I feel like I can barely keep my head above water, and it's so hard to fit in everything I need to or want to. And I'm dying because I haven't read a book in months (and I haven't been able to find audiobooks from my library)

  11. Have you read "Love Anthony" by Lisa Genova? I listened to it and loved it almost as much as "Still Alice". I don't think that I can suggest a lot to you though because most of the books I've read in the last months were recommended by you and now I have to read all your new recommendations because they are always awesome.
    Btw. at the moment I'm listening to Unbroken by Hillenbrand and it feels like sitting in the Gilmores' living room, listening to Rory's grandpa telling me a story!

  12. So glad you said that about Night Circus….I've tried multiple times but can't get past the first few chapters. ???

  13. Ok, I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way about Liane Moriarty. I read The Last Anniversary (the library had multiple copies and I thought it might be a good book club pick) and it was just kind of weird. It was not a horrible book, but from the author of What Alice Forgot it was pretty awful in comparison.

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