4 Favorite Kindle Unlimited Christmas Books (+ lots of suggestions!)

There’s nothing quite like cozying up with a good Christmas book during the holidays – it sure helps when those books are free on Kindle Unlimited! If you’d like a printable copy of this Kindle Unlimited Christmas Book list, just pop in your email address below and it’ll come right to your inbox!

best Christmas books to read on Kindle unlimited

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I love reading a Christmas book in December and I ESPECIALLY love it when those Christmas books are free!

Good news – Kindle Unlimited has LOTS of Christmas books included in the catalog so if you have a membership, you definitely won’t be lacking for things to read this holiday season!

(P.S. This is a great time to try out Kindle Unlimited because they have a free trial going on and you can turn off auto-renew immediately!).

Here are four of my favorite Christmas books on Kindle Unlimited.

kindle unlimited christmas books


kindle unlimited christmas books

an unexpected boyfriend at christmas bookAn Unexpected Boyfriend for Christmas by Janette Rallison
I just read this Christmas book last week (I actually listened to it – the audiobook is 99 cents!) and it was an absolute delight. I always like Janette Rallison and she brought her trademark witty banter to this holiday romance (and as usual, her books have no language or spicy scenes in them). In this one, Scarlet is coming home for Christmas and bringing a fake boyfriend with her. She’s actually never MET said boyfriend because her sister is the one who lied to their dying grandma and said Scarlet had a serious boyfriend and wouldn’t be alone after their grandma’s death. Like most fake dating stories, this one has plenty of ridiculous scenarios but if you’re willing to go with it, it’s a delightful ride.


faking christmas bookFaking Christmas by Cindy Steel
I read this Kindle Unlimited Christmas book last year and absolutely loved it. It’s another fake dating romance and this one was so fun and had such excellent chemistry – I was sold from the very beginning. And especially when it’s an enemies-to-lovers trope? Sign me right on up. This is one of the books in the Christmas Escape Series which is all included in Kindle Unlimited and each is written by a different author. The audio is also included on Everand (which used to be called Scribd). This one is also not steamy.


kiss the girl bookKiss the Girl by Melanie Jacobson
I read this Christmas romance on a trip last year, and it was a total fluffy delight about an aerospace engineer back in her small town to help run her dad’s hardware store while he undergoes cancer treatment. While she’s there, she meets a high school teacher and their chemistry is undeniable, but Grace is determined not to get stuck in the tiny town she grew up in. This one has lots of delightful banter and nothing steamier than kissing.


holiday romance bookHoliday Romance by Catherine Walsh
I just read this one a few weeks ago and while it took me a bit to get through, I enjoyed it almost from page one. Molly and Andrew have been friends for a decade, always taking the same flight home to Ireland for Christmas. But this year, a storm cancels their flight and it looks like they’ll be missing Christmas at home. Molly would be fine to skip Christmas but Andrew and his family are ALL IN on Christmas and so Molly is determined to make sure he doesn’t miss spending the holiday with his family and she’s going to get him home to Ireland, no matter what it takes. This one is about par with Emily Henry’s books when it comes to steaminess.

kindle unlimited christmas books

I also asked for Kindle Unlimited Christmas book suggestions on Instagram and got lots of suggestions. These are all Christmas books I haven’t read, so I can’t vouch for them at all or give any insight to content, so proceed at your own risk!

baggage claim bookBaggage Claim by Juliana Smith
When Olive heads home for the holiday, she accidentally tells her family she is bringing a boyfriend with her. The only problem…she doesn’t have a boyfriend. In comes Finn, the passenger sitting next to her on the airplane, who offers to be her boyfriend during all of the holiday festivities. But when Finn thinks Olive is hiding something, their relationship might be in for a bumpy ride. This fake-relationship story sounds festive and fun!


the christmas tree keeper bookThe Christmas Tree Keeper series by Tamara Passey
Angela lost her job and is down on her luck. She is doing everything to make ends meet, and keep a promise to her daughter that they would have a Christmas tree. When they show up at the Christmas tree lot to purchase their tree, the salesman tells her the tree is a miracle tree. Mark, the future owner of the tree farm doesn’t want the responsibility of the tree farm. He wants to sell it, buy his dream home, follow his musical aspirations, and keep his soon-to-be fiancée happy. Angela and Mark are set up for a true Christmas miracle in this clean sweet holiday romance. 

whole hardman seriesThe Hardman Holiday Series by Santa Hatfield (9 books)
When Filly’s father is unable to pay his debts, he gives Filly away to Luke, the town banker, as payment. Luke agrees to take her just to keep her away from her father, and eventually they get married for propriety sake. Filly becomes Luke’s housekeeper and cook while Luke protects Filly from her father. As time goes on, will they share their feelings with one another, or will they keep with their current agreement? This one is set in Oregon in the 1880s, so think Old West holiday romance.


cliche christmas book A Cliche Christmas by Nicole Deese
As a screenwriter, Georgia is well known for her on-screen Christmas romance clichés. But, she has never experienced one herself. When her grandmother volunteers her to help with the local town theatre, Georgia is stuck working alongside her old crush, Weston. Will they be able to give love a second chance?



scrooge and the girls next door bookScrooge and the Girls Next Door by Melanie Jacobson
I loved Melanie Jacobson’s Kiss the Girl, and this enemies-to-lovers holiday romantic comedy looks equally as charming. When single mother Paige moves in to a new house with her daughter, she wants to make Christmas extra magical – think Christmas lights on every surface of her property, magical. Her next door neighbor, on the other hand, is a major scrooge…but a very handsome one at that. Will Paige be able to help her grinchy neighbor see the magic of the holiday too?


her silent knight bookHer Silent Knight by Ashtyn Newbold
Selina is hiding a forbidden engagement with a man with insincere motives. Their secret engagement is found out by one of Selina’s childhood acquaintances. And when he tries to warn her about her suitor, she very adamantly ignores him. In his efforts to help her, will the two build a bond that will lead to love? This regency holiday romance includes fun historical details, like London’s Frost Fair, where they set up winter festivals on the frozen Thames River.


a cross-country christmasA Cross-Country Christmas by Courtney Walsh
Lauren is absolutely terrified of flying and needs to travel home for the birth of her new niece or nephew. She is roped into a road trip with Will Sinclair— her brother’s best friend, presumed womanizer, and the man who broke her heart many years ago. With her grumpy attitude and hatred towards Christmas, Will attempts to lighten the mood and spread some holiday cheer through spontaneous pit stops. Misunderstandings are revealed and love begins to blossom.


host for the holidays bookThe Christmas Escape Series (7 books)
There are 7 of these Christmas Escape novels – so if you liked this one, there are several more to fill your holidays with! It’s a closed-door romance, so kissing only. Madi is ready to explore Paris with her boyfriend and is hoping he will pop the big question. Instead, she finds herself renting a tiny room from ridiculously attractive French rental host Rémy. This is a sweet, accidental roommates romance for the holidays. Christmas Baggage from this series kept coming up a ton!



cabin crush bookGift Wrapped Romance Series (5 books)
Rachel has had a crush on Max her whole life. Not only is he her brother’s best friend, but their families always spend Christmas together in their shared Tahoe cabin. Max has never seemed to show interest in Rachel, but this year, he’s single and finally seeing Rachel in a different light. Full of snowballs, sledding, and even puppies, this one looks like such a fun read!



the mistletoe at moonglow bookThe Moonglow Christmas Series by Deborah Garner (9 books)
This series takes place at the Timberton Hotel in Montana, which is always a Christmas retreat for the townsfolk and guests. The new chef at the hotel is bringing new life into the old town and is finding a way to bring the magic of the Christmas to life too. This is a novella series – so all the books are short (between 100-150 pages each). You could read through the whole series over the holiday! 



the christmas blanket bookThe Christmas Blanket by Kandi Steiner
In this second chance holiday romance, Eliza heads home for the holidays, but on her way there, she gets stuck in a blizzard and her car goes off the icy road. The man there to help her? He ex-husband River, who she hasn’t seen for 4 years. The two of them find shelter in a cabin as they wait out the storm, which as you can guess, leaves them nothing but time together. Will they put their past behind them and rekindle what they once had?



lost and found in copper ridge bookLost and Found in Copper Ridge by Harlow James
After calling off her wedding and losing an old friend, Reese books a vacation at a cabin in Copper Ridge (after getting a $5 bill in change with the name of said cabin). Carson is also feeling lost. He works too much and avoids everyone after his failed marriage and discharge from the Air Force. When his grandmother books a vacation for him in the same cabin in Copper Ridge, Reese and Carson decide to share the cabin. Will they help each other realize they haven’t been truly living, but just going through the motions? This one is like a Hallmark holiday romance, but with A LOT more steam!


sweater weather bookSweater Weather by Emma St. Clair (7 books)
This holiday romcom follows Parker as her teenage crush, Logan, comes back to their small town after a hockey injury. Not only is Logan her teenage crush, but he is also her brother’s best friend. Will this old flame turn into something again? This one is a closed door romance – so there is nothing more than some chemistry and a little kissing.



snowed in bookSnowed In by Catherine Walsh
Megan and Christian are both in need of a fake relationship for the holidays. Megan is tired of the drama that comes after leaving her fiancé at the altar and is STILL single. And Christian is tired of his family thinking he needs to have a partner to be happy, because they all do. After running into each other at a pub, they decide to pose as a couple and endure all the family gatherings. Things are about to get messy in this holiday romcom.


the rules of mistletoe bookThe Rules of Mistletoe by Taylor Epperson
Holly has high standards for her future boyfriend, and by high standards, I mean a whole checklist. Unfortunately, the boy she has been pining after doesn’t even notice her, so she brings Drew (a guy who doesn’t fit any of her checklist criteria) home for the holidays to pose as her boyfriend. What could go wrong!?



a holiday by gaslight bookA Holiday by Gaslight by Mimi Matthews
When her father equipped their estate with gaslight, something new and very costly, it became Sophie’s her duty to help the family by marrying for financial prosperity. Ned a self-made, serious man, seems to have nothing in common with Sophie. Will Ned and Sophie fall in love over the Christmas holidays? This is a true Victorian novella.



Any other suggestions for great Kindle Unlimited Christmas books? Leave them in the comments!


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kindle unlimited christmas books

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