Six Recipe I Recommend with All My Heart and Stomach

So, hmm, what have we got here? Three real dishes and three desserts. A perfect ratio, if I do say so myself.

Seriously, all these recipes are ridiculously good. What more is there to say, but go forth and make them.

1. Almond Joy PoundcakeThis is the best poundcake I’ve ever made – the texture was phenomenal. Also, I love anything flavored even remotely like an Almond Joy. I used a 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract in place of the Amaretto.

2. Four Apple Cake: I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this recipe before. I’ve made it tons of times and it’s always fantastic. Also, you can pretend it’s healthy enough for breakfast. Obviously, that’s what I do.

3. Lasagna Grilled CheeseI don’t even LIKE lasagna all that much (this recipe is an exception), and I ate this every day for a week, until I ran out of bread. If you’ve got some ricotta that needs using up, this is a delicious way.

4. Coconut Chicken Curry Soup: I pinned this forever ago and then, when I was in a mega-hurry one night, dug it up from my Main Dish board, realized the pin went nowhere, Googled like a librarian, and found the real recipe. And it was delicious. And quick.

5. Apple Cider Caramels: This one is a tiny bit cheating because I didn’t actually make them myself, but a friend did and oh. my. word. Best caramels I’ve ever had. I’ve lost my taste for apple cider as I’ve gotten older, but I couldn’t have eaten the whole pan of these (and maybe I did. I’ll never tell).

6. Classic Tomato Soup: What would one of these lists be without a recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe? Bart and I both agreed this was the best tomato soup either of us had ever had. I made it when I was frantically trying to figure out what to make for lunch when one of my dearest friends from high school and her husband were coming over and I hadn’t been to the grocery store since we got back from vacation. I used half fire-roasted tomatoes and half regular. I recommend this course of action. Also, my house smelled amazing for the rest of the day.

P.S. Here are previous recipes I’ve tried and loved

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  1. Perfect timing, I have half a tub of ricotta and no idea what to do with it. Lasagna grilled cheese it is!

  2. Those fire roasted tomatoes….amazing. I think it is Mel's lasagna soup, or some lasagna soup that introduced me to them, and I'm hooked.

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