Raiding My Sister’s Closet: Summer Momiform


One of the many reasons I love having three little girls is that I’m one of three girls too.

Unfortunately, my sisters and I all live far apart from each other (although now that we live in Phoenix, we’re seeing a lot more of Merrick and her family), so it’s quite rare for all three of us to be together.

In May, our whole family was together for the first time since my brother Crawford had left on his mission to Pennsylvania two years earlier, AND it was the first time all three of us girls had been together since then.

So it seemed like the right time for a Raiding My Sister’s Closet edition where we could all take photos together.

Merrick suggested we all wear some variation on our summer momiforms, and it was fun to see how different they all were (also, the fact that Merrick is the only who included a jacket in her summer uniform is a dead giveaway that she lives in California and not either Arizona or Texas).

In my case, jeans. Every day.

A shirt that isn’t a t-shirt because invariable those become a droopy, sloppy mess by the end of a hot day.

Plus, the sunglasses and sandals I wear basically everywhere.

Most essentially, of course, my three tiny sidekicks.

JEANS  • TOP (similar herehere and here•  SANDALS 


Drop by Merrick and Landen’s blogs and check out their summer momiforms:

  Photos by Jackie Watanabe

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  1. Jeans are practical in everyday life with kids, but just I hate them wear in summer as I have been in them near all year round. I prefer some dresses for the warm weather.

  2. I can NOT do skinny jeans in summer. Sooooo hot. I need to find some good boyfriend jeans that don't make me feel frumpy!

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