Raiding My Sister’s Closet: Make It Work

You know those items that, no matter how many times you purge your closet, you save? They never make the trip to Goodwill, but you also never actually wear them?
Of course you don’t know about those kinds of things. What sort of idiot would hold onto things they never wear? (We’re speaking, obviously, about half of my closet).
For this round of Raiding My Sister’s Closet, we all picked something that was languishing in our closet. Something we rarely or never wore for whatever reason.
And then we’d wear it.
I picked this ruffly polka-dot shirt my mom gave me a couple of years ago. She’d bought it for herself and, for reasons I don’t remember, passed it on to me.
Originally it tied in the front, but then Landen altered it for me to work as a wrap-shirt instead.
I haven’t worn it in probably 2.5 years. Now I’m wondering why, because I LOVED it. Seriously, it wasn’t even difficult to make this work. Apparently I am just very bad at knowing what’s awesome in my closet.
I went a little casual with this first one (can I tell you how much I LOVE these pants? I actually have found Forever 21 to be the most consistently excellent place for me to find pants that fit me well. And I love it that when I pay $22 for a pair of pants, that’s a pricey pair).
Top: Target // Shirt: Shade // Pants: Forever 21
Bracelet: c/o Style Lately // Sandals: American Eagle

And then a little more dressy, with some pattern-mixing.

Top: Target // Skirt: Altered by me // Bracelet: Claire’s // Shoes: Payless

Check out what Merrick and Landen’s rescued from the depths of their closets:



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  1. I have a similar shirt that is supposed to tie in the front, and I never wear mine either. How did you alter it? It's cute on!

    1. Landen just added a button on the inside right seam and a little loop on the left edge, so it could button on the inside and then tie on the opposite side. Does that make ANY sense at all?

  2. I have that same shirt from Target and had trouble with it at first as well. I had a friend add a clasp higher up so that it would be closed more. Love the wrap idea.

  3. I always love when you girls do these posts! So fun :). Also…before I had Fern, F21 was my favorite place to find pants too. So cheap and always fit so well. I think it helps if you don't have much in the way of hips though. I've always had a fairly straight, boy'ish shaped figure, but after Fern I finally got a tiny bit of hips and ever since the F21 pants just aren't as good for me. I still wore them mind you, because they're so cheap…who could resist? But, then for my birthday I was given an Anthropologie gift card and since most of their stuff isn't really my style I tried on some jeans and LOVED them! $118 and it was the most I'd spend on jeans since college when I went through a dumb designer denim phase. Anyway, the jeans were "Pilcro" brand and I'd never heard of them, but they're amazing. I was also sent some "Rich & Skinny" jeans recently and they're awesome. I guess expensive jeans are my thing now. Ugh!

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