An Afternoon at the Life & Science Museum

Knowing that our time in Durham is limited, we’ve tried to waste no time getting out and seeing what the city has to offer.

One of our favorites, so far, is the Museum of Life and Science which not only is very cool, but also is free for Durham residents once a week. I’d gone with the girls and some friends last week, but when Bart finished up at school early on Wednesday, we went as a family.

We still have BARELY scratched the surface of the museum, which has both enormous outdoor grounds and many fun hands-on exhibits inside.

I can only assume we will visit this place dozens more times in the next two years.

So far, on both of our trips, we’ve spent almost our time outdoors. Ella is, unsurprisingly, most infatuated with the little farm area.

This houses a butterfly garden – Ella is dreaming of a time when a butterfly will land on her arm, but so far, no such luck.

We haven’t even ventured into the Dino Gardens yet. Next time!

This is a lousy picture (the forests are so thick and dark, plus it was a fairly overcast day, it was kind of like photographing in a cave), but seriously. Giant rubber ducks! There were three of them (this one was a small one).

We actually made TWO visits on Wednesday to this cow (who, actually, is not a cow, as the sign informed us with many exclamation points. He is a STEER). Not pictured? Bart scrubbing his arm off with a baby wipe when the steer stuck out his 18-inch long tongue and swiped the length of Bart’s arm.

By the way, I noticed as we walked out the door that our entire family was looking mighty matchy-matchy. I just got this blue striped shirt from SheInside, Ella not only also was wearing a blue and white shirt, but the neon yellow bow on her collar matched the neon yellow stripes on my sleeves. Ani was wearing white and dark denim and Bart was wearing navy shorts and a white and blue striped shirt. All, completely unintentional. I guess it was just a blue and white striped kind of day.

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  1. Sounds like a fun afternoon. Glad you are finding fun things to do in Durham, and I love the matchy matchy. You just look like you belong together.

  2. Yes, a great place! If you are able to time your visit to the Butterfly House when they are doing a release (usually daily), they will put a butterfly right on Ella's arm/hand!

  3. I have been to that museum countless times. Over Christmas, we watched some home movies of us playing on the playground there and banging on the drums outside 20 years ago! Still love the museum.

  4. I used to visit a butterfly garden with my daughters. They informed us the color red attracts most butterflies as they associate it with the bright colors of flowers. I'm not sure if it is scientific fact or guide myth, but every time we wore red butterflies landed on my daughters.

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