14 Excellent Graphic Novels for Early Elementary Readers

A few years ago, I did a post about beginning graphic novels that clocked in around 30-60 pages.

Those books are perfect for readers just starting to get comfortable with slightly longer books.

This list of graphic novels for early elementary readers is focused on graphic novels that are around 100-200 pages.

None of them are so huge that they’ll be intimidating, but they’re long enough that they won’t blow through them in 10 minutes.

I hope this list will be perfect for your early elementary readers who want a graphic novel just right for them!

graphic novels for young kids

14 Excellent Graphic Novels for Early Elementary Readers

lunch lady bookLunch Lady by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
96 pages // 10 books in series
This was the first graphic novels for kids series I ever read and I remember clearly reading it on the train in Boston and thinking, “This is SO clever.” The black and white with yellow color scheme is so appealing and it’s full of nutty adventures and hilarious crime-fighting tools from lunch lady supplies. I’ve never met a child who didn’t love these.


babymouse bookBabymouse by Jennifer and Matthew Holm
96 pages // 20 books in series
Babymouse is queen of the world…but only in her imagination. In reality, she’s not queen of anything. Instead, when she’s not trying and failing to straighten her whiskers, she’s reading and eating cupcakes. But where is the excitement, the adoring fans, and the butler to bring her even more cupcakes?


baby sitter little sister bookBaby-Sitters Little Sister by Katy Farina
144 pages // 7 books in series
A new series from the classic books: The Babysitter’s Club. Kirsty’s younger stepsister has her own stories to tell! She is almost positive that the lady next door is a witch. She has a black cat, she is a little scary, plus she’s always out in her garden. Will Karen unmask this witch or will the witch get to her first?



dolphin girl bookDolphin Girl by Zach Smith
144 pages // 2 books in series
Dolphin Girl and her father, Captain Dewgong are the resident superheroes. However, when trouble arrives Captain Dewgong is no where to be found! Can Dolphin Girl save their restaurant, Pizza Palace, and the day?



agent moose bookAgent Moose by Mo O’Hara and Jess Bradley
128 pages // 3 books in series
How do people just disappear? That’s what Agent Moose and his partner, Owlfred, are on a mission to solve. But when a witness needed for the case goes missing, can they find them in time to solve the case?


cat and catCat & Cat by Christophe Cazenove and Ramon
96 pages // 5 books in series
Cat and Sushi are perfect for each other, Sushi keeps life for Cat and her dad interesting, and Cat is trying to learn how to keep Sushi content. Cat loves having a companion, which her dad had been trying to be all along.



catstronauts bookCatStronauts by Drew Brockington
160 pages // 6 books in series
I think one thing that’s so appealing about graphic novels for kids is that they just lend themselves so easily to a little bit of silliness, in a way another format doesn’t. In this one, the fate of the world depends on the CatStronauts setting up a solar power plant on the moon to solve the global energy crisis. Fortunately, this feline crew is more than up to the task in this world where everyone is a cat and EVERYONE wants a tuna sandwich.


owly bookOwly by Andy Runton
112 pages // 3 books in series
Poor little Owly. He’s so sweet, but he’s so lonely. All he really wants is a friend. And in this two-part graphic novel, he might just find one



mr. wolf's class bookMr. Wolf’s Class by Aron Nels Steinke
160 pages // 5 books in series
Fourth grade is always interesting, but especially in this class! In Mr. Wolf’s fourth grade class, every student has their own story to tell. Learn about Margot, Sampson, Penny, and Aziza as they make friends and ride the rollercoaster of fourth grade.


diana princess and amazons bookDiana: Princess of the Amazons by Shannon Hale & Dean Hale
160 pages // 2 books in series
It’s hard to be a princess when your mother, the queen, is always busy and your “aunties” are all highly-skilled and busy with their own special trade. Diana doesn’t have a trade, or the one thing she really wants – a friend her age.


dragonbreath bookDragonbreath by Ursula Vernon
146 pages // 11 books in series
This series is a perfect combo of text and comic-book panels that make them great for graphic novel lovers. In this series, Danny Dragonbreath is a dragon who . . .can’t breath fire. But that’s fine. He has other skills!


cat and cat adventures bookCat & Cat Adventures by Susie Yi
96 pages // 3 books in series
Meet Ginny and Squash, two adorable snack-loving cat friends, who are always on some sort of silly adventure! Get ready to be transported to a magical world in this cute fantasy series.



pizza and taco bookPizza and Taco by Stephen Shaskan
72 pages // 6 books in series
What happens when the two greatest foods get together? Pizza and Taco are best friends who have the most hilarious fun! A great series for readers who enjoyed Narwhal and Jelly.



agent 9 bookAgent 9 by James Burks
192 pages // 2 books in series
The diabolical King Crab is out to melt the polar ice caps, and it’s up to Agent 9 and his robot partner FIN to save the world. Will they be able to defeat him before all the ice melts?



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