Firsts for Every Baby

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You know what feels so magical about parenthood to me?

That no matter how many children you have (at least up to four – more than that, I have zero life experience), every one of those first milestones is so thrilling and just makes your heart want to burst.

Ella’s first birthday was so exciting. We had a few friends over and made a tiny cake for her, and I remember so clearly how she put her face right into the frosting.

And two and a half years later, when we had a little party for Ani’s first birthday, it was every bit as delightful. And I remember how she refused to get her hands or face dirty in the frosting and would only eat when Bart brought her a spoon. It was just as memorable a moment as Ella’s first birthday.

Each time one of our girls has given us that first smile or discovered their hands or learned to wave or said their first real words, it’s felt so exciting it might as well have been the first time it ever happened.

With each of the four girls, different firsts have stood out to me.

For some reason, one that I really remember with Ella was the first time she wore socks. She was born in July and we didn’t have an air conditioner and then we moved to Texas, and so she didn’t wear socks until October of that year. It felt so monumental, I actually took a picture and sent it to my mom (first time mom, alert, right there).

With Ani, I remember her first time on the swings at the park. She was only about four months old (much younger than Ella had been the first time she was on the swings), and we had to put a jacket in the back of the swing so she wouldn’t flop around too much, and she just LOVED it.

For Star, her first Christmas was so memorable to me because she just about lost her mind over a tiny stuffed puppy Ella bought her for Christmas, and I hope I’ll always remember her in her tiny Christmas pajamas trying to leap out of Bart’s arms to get her gift.

And now I’m enjoying all those firsts all over again.

Today is actually Tally’s first birthday, and so we’re right in the thick of all those firsts. She learned to wave and clap in the last couple of months, and she’s getting closer to walking and babbling up a storm, so I know those first steps and first words are right around the corner.

With her, more than any of my babies, I feel like time is just blazing past.

It seems like about every week, I have to put another set of baby clothing back in our clothing storage bins because she’s out-grown them.

And I love pulling out the things her sisters have worn.

We have a little pair of orange and pink fleece pajamas from Carter’s that we bought for Ella back in 2011 and it’s so fun to see our fourth little girl wearing that same pair of pajamas – and they still look practically brand-new! and remembering “hey, Ani wore those pajamas when we went out to lunch in Durham on that rainy Friday!”

Of course, not everything has survived through three children, so last weekend, in between a birthday trip to the candy store (one of our best birthday traditions!) and dinner, we stopped in at Carter’s to take advantage of their Feburary Baby Sale where they have massive discounts on all their Little Baby Basics.

Bart and I probably looked like total first-time parents as we laid out all our favorite outfits, compared them and picked out four or five favorites (Bart has very strong opinions about children’s clothing).

I’m always a Carter’s fan, and I especially love their one-piece outfits and pajamas.

We also brought Star back a set of unicorn underwear which made us the most popular parents on the planet.

And not only are their sale prices really good, there’s also a 20% off coupon, so everything is a mega-steal. The Baby sale goes until March 5th and the coupon is good through the 12th.

And I only bought one romper, but when I put it on her, it was so darling, I immediately hopped online and ordered this gingham one too (I love those one-piece outfits for babies – I think she’s worn this black zip one 30 times since I bought it just before Christmas).

Every now and again, it feels a little bittersweet how fast these girls are growing up, but when I look at my older girls, I think “It’s all good things ahead!”

But I’m still going to enjoy having a snuggly little baby girl while I can.

Photos by Christie Knight Photography

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  • Reply Elaine Doolittle February 23, 2018 at 4:33 am

    A very Happy Birthday, Miss Tally!
    We have a Carter’s Outlet near us which was always such a great place to visit while my daughter was little. Their clothing was always so soft and snuggly, particularly the nighties and sleepers. It’s always where I go when I need a gift for a new baby.

  • Reply Paige Flamm February 23, 2018 at 7:23 am

    Happy Birthday Tally! That year went FAST!

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