Filling My Closet Holes

So, after totally clearing out my closet last week (and, after the fact, I purged another five or six things and an entire garbage bag of baby stuff. Hide your belongings), I’m ready to start thinking about what I’m missing.

(This is WAY more fun, although slightly less therapeutic).

Since we’ll be living out of a suitcase this summer, I’m trying to keep things pretty minimal.

Shirts: I realized very very quickly that this is the major weak spot in my wardrobe. I seriously have about three shirts I like. Top of my list is a white shirt, and then I’m planning to check out the thrift store and see if I can score a couple more.

A Black T-shirt: I’m completely sold on these Pickwick & Weller tees (despite the fact I think they look pretty unflattering on the website). If only they sold stripes.

White Jeans: I bought a pair last year from H&M and. . .they just never quite worked for me. I ended up cutting them off into shorts for our cruise. I’m planning on getting these ones from Aeropostle, since I have a couple of pairs of their jeans and they fit me really super well (but I obviously will not be wearing them with hideous wedge sneakers. In case you were worried).

Striped Flats: I saw Merrick’s a few weeks ago and was totally sold. I’m not as sold on the loafer look, though, so this pair seems more up my alley. I also like this black and white pair.

Sandals: For someone who has lived in basically endless summer weather for most of the last seven years, I have a very pathetic sandal collection. I have some Lulu’s credit I won last year, so I’m planning to order a pair of flat sandals and a pair with a wedge.

A few necklaces: I’ve been a serious earring wearer for the last five years, but for some reason, I’m moving away from them right now. I’d like to get a few long necklaces for summer like this one: (because toddler hands have ruined too many pieces of my nice jewelry).

A couple of hair things: I’ve mentioned before that I am so super boring with my hair, but I’d like to be a little more fun this year. I have my eye on this fun set of hair wraps from Ivory Kate.

Anything on your summer wishlist?

P.S. I’m doing a quick Instagram sale for about 40 items I cleared out of my closet. Most things are $5 or less. It’s all sitting on my guest bed right now, so anything not sold by the end of the week is going to the thrift store. Piles of anything make me twitchy.

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  1. It doesn't seem to matter how many times I clean out my closet; I somehow always had too much. Your minimalism is inspiring me! (And really, compared to most of the world, will we ever really be minimalists? That puts things in perspective just enough to make me feel like a terrible human. 😉

  2. I bought a pair of white jeans, wore them once and they have completely disappeared. I'll hope to find them again (although after my closet collapsed this weekend and we had to rehang everything, I can confirm they are not in there!) All your clothes are adorable, I wish I fit any of them! (or the shoes! what great shoes!)

  3. I stopped by Old Navy this week and they have a few different kinds of elbow-length sleeve tshirts right now. With boatneck-y tops. They're quite cute and either $5 or $8. I mention this only because I find that sleeve length to be too rare, so when I find it, I buy several.

  4. I am so glad you mentioned the look of the Pickwick & Weller tees on the website. You are thee second person who has talked about them, but when I went to the website they looked really unflattering. Good to know they are better in real life.

  5. Target has a really similar pair of striped flats that I've been wanting for a few weeks now! They're perfect for spring!

  6. What size do you order in the P&W Tees, (your regular size or would you size down because they are baggy? I am always weary of online ordering, especially something that looks so blousy.

  7. I love how thoughtful you are about what you add to your closet! I was totally wanting a black Pickwick and Weller tee after you and Merrick posted about them last month, and I was bummed that they were sold out for awhile. I had signed up to be alerted when they'd be back in stock, so I was just waiting on getting an email, but apparently they're back! so I just bought one yesterday after seeing your post, so thanks for reminding me 🙂 And you're totally right- they look so unflattering on the model. Not sure if it's how she's posing or the fact that the tee is just hanging there and not tucked in, but it looks so much better on you and Merrick, so I'm hopeful.

    Okay, and I'm so glad I'm not the only one not sold on loafers, but those striped flats are so cute! and I'm kind of drooling over those wedges. Which four items that you mentioned in your tweet did you buy????

  8. It's probably because I'm weird, but I clicked on every link on this post. I agree with your whole premise of purging, but then filling in those holes with necessary and long-lasting items (and even some fun cheap ones that are on trend and you won't feel bad about giving away in the near future). I used to be a semi-horder, but since having kids I am the same as you, twitchy around all our useless stuff. Have you heard of House Tweaking? It's a decorating blog that I think you'd really like, mainly because they live simply, but beautifully!

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