6 Book Deals for Mid July

We just got back from a family reunion this past week and one of my favorite things was reading in bed every morning before the girls woke up.

It feels like the ultimate luxury!

Here are some terrific books on mega sale this week:

Book Deals for Mid July

Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner – audiobook 
If you love a thriller or mystery, this one is a home run. I read it years ago and couldn’t put it down – I kept waiting for nap time so I could squeeze in another hour of reading!  Justin and Libby Denbe have the perfect life – beautiful home, great marriage, and a lovely daughter. And clearly someone else thinks so too, because all three of them have been abducted without a trace. Tessa Leoni is the investigator on this case and she’s going to have to find them fast – which is hard because there are no witnesses and no random demands. Told from multiple points of view, this story keeps twisting and turning right up until the very end. (Warning that this one has quite a bit of swearing). Full Review here


Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand by Helen Simonson – audiobook 
Set in the English countryside Major is very traditional Englishmen, but receives a serious shock when his brother passes away unexpectedly. Because of his death, he frequents the town bookshop and becomes friends with the Pakistani shopkeeper, Mrs. Ali. Their friendship turns into something more and they have to decide as a couple if they want to continue forward even though the village people crave culture.


The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton – ebook 
I’ve read several of Kate Morton’s books and this is by far my favorite. When Laurel is sixteen, a stranger arrives at a family birthday party, calling Laurel’s mother by name and her mother stabs and kills him. The family never mentions it again and the story splits into two parts – Laurel, fifty years in the future, now an extremely successful actress, knows her mother is close to death, and finds herself desperate to understand, before it’s too late, what exactly happened with her mother and this mysterious man she murdered. The other story takes place in the early 40s, during WWII, in London where two young women become friends in the days of the London Blitz. Somehow these stories intersect and Laurel is determined to figure out how. (Full review here)


More Than a Body: Your Body is an Instrument, Not an Ornament by Lexie Kite and Lindsay Kite – audiobook 
I’ve heard this is one of those books that everyone should read! This is a great non-fiction book about tangible ways to gain and maintain a positive body image through all of the bombardment of the media from childhood through adulthood. Now’s the chance to nab it up for this amazing price!


Framed by James Ponti – audiobook 
Ella has loved the City Spies books, so when I discovered this mystery series by the same author, I snagged them all for Ella who blew through them in a week. This book follows Florian Bates who is the only kid that the FBI Director has on speed dial (and a kid that a whole lot of criminals want taken care of). After a move to DC, Florian and his new friend Margaret uncover a mystery that involves a major crime ring, the FBI and the National Gallery. It’s up to them to solve the mystery AND get their homework done.


Baby Unplugged by Sophie Brickman – audiobook 
There seems to be an app for everything and that includes parenting. Sophie Brickman tackles this topic head on by talking about the best ways to navigate raising kids within a technology heavy world, with the ultimate goal being to trust your own judgement as a parent.



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  1. More than a Body is EXCELLENT. Great for my relationship with my own body as well as a mother. Highly recommend!

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