Black and Brown

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black maternity maxi dress

Pregnant Style

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black maternity maxi dress

Black and Brown

Almost a year ago, I rescued this dress from Merrick’s donation pile (that’s the beauty of sisters who are nearly your same size).

It’s a maternity dress, but I didn’t think you needed to be pregnant to wear it.

What you DID need to be, I quickly discovered, was a little bit taller. Also the sleeves were just a little too big and the neckline a little too low. Happily a seam in each shoulder fixed all three of those problems at once.

And yes, I made my mom do those seams. What other benefits are there to living with your parents for six weeks? (Aside from someone making you dinner, entertaining your kids, and watching movies with you in the evening).

The other thing this dress needs besides a couple extra inches of leg is a belt.

The fates were smiling on me when we stopped in at H&M one morning in Arizona and this belt, which was sitting on the clearance rack, marked down from a whopping $5 to $3. And then everything on that rack was 50% off the clearance price. (Needless to say, when they rang it up, it didn’t take off the 50% discount and I had to be the person who said, “Um, I think you’ve charged me a whopping $1.50 too much for this very high quality belt here”).

I finally wore it this past week and it’s sky-rocketed to the top of my favorite items. Of course, now that I’ve discovered how much I like this dress, the temperature is probably going to drop drastically so I can’t wear it again until long after my baby is born.

But, like I first thought back in January, you don’t actually have to be pregnant to wear it.

Dress: Target Maternity (I can’t find the same dress anymore since it’s several years old, but this one and this one are similar-ish). 
Belt: H&M (similar, but not $1.50)
Shoes: Forever 21 

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  1. This really is a fantastic dress! And that little baby bump is ADORABLE!! Oh my goodness. I am a huge fan of black and brown together.

  2. Your hair does look awesome! And it looks like it's gotten so long. Jenae always told me how great her hair was when she was pregnant, so thick…why can't I be so lucky?! Maybe it was a little better, but I didn't notice it much.

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