Beginning of June Book Deals

I can’t believe it’s June!

Often June rolls around so fast after school gets out, but having more than a week of May after our last day of school has made the summer already feel longer (in the most luxurious way!).

This weekend we’re short a child since Star is at my parents house for Grancie Camp (all the detail about that here!) and it feels so weird to only have three kids around.

I’m hoping to sneak in some reading this weekend – here are some great deals going on right now!

the mona lisa vanishes bookThe Mona Lisa Vanishes by Nicholas Day – ebook
This one of my nonfiction picks for the 2024 Everyday Reading Summer Reading Guide. It was the perfect book to read before our family trip to Paris, and it made the visit to the Louvre more fun (not only does it talk about the theft of the Mona Lisa but also about the painting of it, Leonardo da Vinci, and other famous artists). I had no idea about a lot of this history and it’s fast paced and well done! It’s fun for adults and kids alike!


how to end a love storyHow to End a Love Story by Yulin Kuang – audiobook
This is her romance debut novel about a screenwriter and a YA author who begin working together to turn her wildly popular book series into a TV show. Of course sparks fly (and at first, not in a good way). It gave me some Romantic Comedy vibes and loved the balance of humor and heavy topics. Forewarning: it is spicier than Emily Henry! (30 second book review here)


Small Great Things

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult – ebook
Despite her wild popularity, this is only her second book I’ve read by her and the first one that has really made me understand why people love her so much. This story about race in America told from three points of view was completely gripping. (Full review here)



family familyFamily Family by Laurie Frankel – ebook
India Allwood is a famous actress and adoptive mother who finds herself in a load of trouble when she voices her opinion on her new movie, about none other than…adoption! India wants a new take on movies involving adoption, because not all adoption stories are tragedies like they are portrayed. I can’t wait to read this one! 



hello strangerHello Stranger by Katherine Center – ebook
This is one of Katherine Center’s newer books and I think her newer books have a sparkle that I think her older books don’t quite match. Sadie is a portrait artist and after years of struggling to eek out a living, it looks like she might have gotten her big break when she is named a finalist in a wildly prestigious portrait competition. But then, through a series of unfortunate events, she develops face blindness. Which turns out to make portrait painting REALLY hard.


talking as fast as i can bookTalking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham – ebook
I loved Gilmore Girls back in the day and this was just so delightful. The audio version is also a really great listen since she reads it herself.




practice makes perfect bookPractice Makes Perfect by Sarah Adams – ebook
This is a fun crossover book from When in Rome, but both books can stand alone. In this fun fake dating romance, seemingly happy flower shop owner Annie Walker enlists the help of dangerous, but sexy bodyguard Will to be Annie’s “dating coach”. Let’s just say she has a fear of first dates. Problem is they start to develop feelings for each other that go beyond just dating practice.


a royal conundrum the misfitsThe Misfits: A Royal Conundrum by Lisa Yee – ebook
For fans of Spy Kids or City Spies, this middle grade graphic novel about a band of misfit kids trained to be an elite team of crimefighters at a remote boarding school is a must-read.


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