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It’s crazy that we’ve been in London almost a week. It feels so good to have a fridge full of food, library cards, and to get dressed out of the closet, rather than out of a suitcase. 
A couple of things about life in London so far:
  1. Bart isn’t one to really comment on my hair but when he came home from school the other day he said, “WOW, your hair looks great.” And that is what happens when you go a month without curling your hair and finally buy one that works with a UK plug. I got a super cheap one and the barrel is a little narrower than I like, but I don’t even care – it’s such an improvement over what my hair has looked like since the end of August. 
  2. On Kayla’s suggestion, we’ve started watching Suits (thanks to a free trial of Amazon Prime. You can also watch the first episode for free) and it’s fantastic. We’ve watched a couple of episodes almost every night this week. 
  3. I’m on a mission to try as many biscuits (read: cookies) as possible while we’re in London. Yesterday’s test was Jammie Dodgers, which I’d heard about in the Georgia Nicolson books, but had no idea what they are. What they are, it turns out, is ridiculously delicious. 
  4. I’m walking EVERYWHERE. The Tube is pretty expensive (£2.20 each way, assuming you have an Oyster card (if you’re paying with cash it’s £4.70), which means a round-trip ticket for one person is $7.21 at the current exchange rate; fortunately the girls are both free), so unless it’s more than 2-ish miles away, I usually just end up walking. The girls are getting very familiar with the stroller. All this walking also allows me to eat those British treats relatively guilt-free. 

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  1. I really, really love walkable cities. I usually lose a little weight on vacation, even though I'm eating out and eating treats all day long, because of all of the walking and movement throughout the day.

  2. I love English desserts! When I was there last fall I discovered sticky toffee pudding (who has been hiding this from my whole life?) and Millionaire's short bread. Well.. pro tip (and by that i mean tourist tip) they have MSB in candy bar form. so good!

  3. I'm not surprised that the Tube is so pricy! My husband's Uncle, Aunt, and a few Cousins live in York, England and they complain about prices there. They even get taxed annually for their television! I'm so jealous that you get to live abroad! Sounds like a dream!

  4. I LOVE Suits! My sister introduced it to me a month ago and I couldn't help but watch all four seasons as quickly as I could. Now I have to wait nearly a year for more… And walking everywhere was one of my favorite parts about living in DC.

  5. Gosh…..I love that you're in London SO MUCH!! I'm pretending I'm there with you….everything sounds amazing. Noel has mentioned Suits…I'll have to give that show a try.

  6. I'm so glad y'all are settling so nicely into London. It's been really special to read along with your family's adventures in Europe already; thank you for sharing with us! I prefer walking in cities to riding in any form of transportation for many reasons – cheaper, easier (as in you set your own schedule and can be flexible as needed), exercise, getting to know the city much faster, exploring new things you wouldn't normally notice/stop for. I hope that you watch Downton Abby and can enjoy it this fall before it comes to the US this winter!

  7. Wow that is pricey! Seems silly. When we were in China it was so ridiculously cheap. And when we were feeling really lazy we would take a taxi- which was probably about as much as you'd pay for the tube!

  8. okay, they're not biscuits, but sticky date pudding, flake chocolate bars, and violet crumble chocolate bars! soooo good! and french cookies that they might have there: le petit ecolier are delicious. and so are the australian biscuits: tim tams! ps. i LOVE london 🙂 hope you're having a wonderful time!

  9. YES! I love Jammie Dodgers! Definitely the best way for you to acclimatise to London life 🙂 Also Hobnobs, McVities Caramel biscuits, malted milks, Viennese whirls…Any biscuit is a good biscuit. Hope you enjoy your time here (though you're right, the Tube is ridiculously expensive!) x

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