Stuff Your Earbuds Day (i.e. Free Audiobooks!)

Have you heard of Stuff Your Earbuds Day?

This is the first year I’ve heard of it, but it’s too good to keep to myself! Basically, if you love audiobooks and you love free, you will not want to miss it – keep reading for all the details!

stuff your earbuds day

All You Need to Know About Stuff Your Earbuds Day

What is Stuff Your Earbuds Day?
It’s a day where indie and hybrid romance authors change the price of their audiobooks to FREE!!

When is Stuff Your Earbuds Day?
For 2024, Stuff Your Earbuds day runs May 10-11.

How can I get free audiobooks from Stuff Your Earbuds Day?
Go to Romance Audiobookworms to see the list of all of the free audiobooks up for grabs. From there, scroll down to see the list. Below each title, it indicates what audiobook platform you can download that specific audiobook from for free. Click whatever platform you want and there you have it!

None of the audiobooks with be available on Audible, but the audiobook streaming platforms that are offered are FREE. Keep in mind, all of these apps will require you create a free account.

The apps you will be using to get free audiobooks include Google Play Books, Kobo, Apple Books, Spotify (how Spotify audiobooks work), Chirp, and Barnes & Noble Nook! If the option is to download directly from the author’s direct store, you will need to download Book Funnel to get access to the audiobook.

stuff your ears day

Are there any other genres available on Stuff Your Earbuds Day besides romance?
This event features romance books only, but with a lot of different romance categories. You can navigate to the categories you like, whether it is fantasy romance or historical romance, making it easy to find your favorite kind of romance books.

Do I ever need to return these audiobooks?
Nope! All of the titles available during Stuff Your Earbuds day are for you to keep! You own any book you download from this event, so even if you are on the fence about a title, it would be worth grabbing.

Why is Audible not included in this promotion?
Audible doesn’t allow authors to control the price of their audiobooks and because of that, authors can’t make their audiobooks free on Audible.

Why aren’t there any best-selling titles available?
The reason Stuff Your Earbuds happens is indie authors and small romance authors and publishers work together to put this on in order to get attention on their romance titles (with, of course, the hope that you’ll go on to read/buy/recommend their books).

This also means that you’re not likely to see big-name best selling titles on this list (Sarah J. Maas and Kristin Hannah have zero incentive to give their books away for free when they’re selling like hot cakes), but it IS a great way to take a chance on new authors or titles you might not pick up at $9.99 but are interesting looking enough to grab for free!

Any questions about Stuff Your Earbuds day? Happy to help you stuff your audiobook library by snagging some books for free! And I’d love to know what free audiobooks you picked up!

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