Sisters Share It All: Favorite Shoes, Three Ways

I think as far as sisters go, the three of us have quite a bit in common.We all like to read and travel. we all cook quite a lot and love to try new foods and restaurants, and we all had a pretty awkward stage in middle school/high school (sometime, we should all share pictures from that era. Except maybe not).

We also all really like shoes. I mean. . .what’s not to like?

This week, we’ve each picked a favorite pair of shoes and are sharing three different ways we wear them.

My current favorite pair is this pair of red Steve Madden flats my parents gave me for Christmas.

Like many items of clothing my mom picks for me, I originally thought, “Are these really me? Do I actually like these?” And then, after a few weeks of caution, I suddenly realize it is my most-worn item of clothing. My mom is pretty great like that. (I cannot tell you how often someone compliments an item of clothing or jewelry I’m wearing and I say, “My mom picked it out.”)

These shoes are a great fit for my wardrobe philosophy which I’ve realized basically boils down to “Boring clothing, fun accessories.”

Wearing them with three outfits? Done:

You want more details, yes? Of course you don’t do. 

Shirt: Shade, Jeans: Target
Necklace: Amazon (gift from my Mom)

This is pretty much my ideal outfit. No, there isn’t a black shirt, but gray is the new black (the “_____ is the new _______” phrase will never ever get old to me. Apologies). Also, about a year and a half ago, Ella broke one of the strands off this necklace on one side and I was devastated and it hung in my closet since then. And then this week, I just bit the bullet and cut it off on the other side, leaving the two functional strands behind. And now I’ve worn it three times this week.

Dress: Downeast Basics, Bracelet: c/o VeryJane

Look, when I dress up, I’m always going to wear heels. That’s just the way it is. But, sometimes you have to do things like walking blocks and blocks, when you’re dressed up and I like to still look nice even when I’m trying to be comfortable. So if I need some comfortable shoes to wear with a dress, then these are going to be the ones, because they are fun and still look decent. Plus, I love the red against the black. This is the dress I wore to Landen’s wedding. I bought it 18 hours before she got married.

Shirt: Shade, Dress: Old Navy

I bought this dress when I was pregnant with Ella (although it’s not actually a maternity dress), but I much prefer to wear a shirt over it and call it a skirt. Two years ago, I would have worn black shoes to try and counteract the brightness of the skirt. But now? I am brave. (Yes, I think wearing red shoes is brave. Clearly, I am an enormous wimp).

I’m off to see what shoes Merrick and Landen picked (and wishing they wore the same shoe size I do so I could borrow them). Check out their posts:

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  1. I'm a friend of Philip and Merrick and blog stock you often because of the sister's share it all bit. Of the three of you, your style is the closest to mine so it's nice to see how you bring the fashion to it when it's more on my terms. Unfortunately, I can't pull off skinny jeans like any of you do, but I'm working with that and trying to figure out how to still make it work. (I'm thinking I could manage a straight leg – the heyday of the bootcut is gone, but that is where I used to thrive.) Thanks for inspiring me in fashion and even more as a mother.

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