Service Readership: Holiday Party Edition

Thanks for all being so open about where you keep your toasters. But really, it doesn’t matter because I shall be keeping my toaster in the cupboard no matter what anyone else does.

If you really want to make a difference, you will help me pick a dress to wear to my office Christmas party (dress code is sort of . . . whatever. Apparently you have some people in jeans and others in full-on formal attire. I wish to be somewhere in the middle) this weekend.

I will of course not be buying something new because I am cheap. And I already have many clothes.

Here are the four choices. Let me know which one you like best and think I should wear. The winner will be, of course, appropriately adorned with jacket/sweater, jewelry, shoes, etc.


Contestant 1: Pink Dress

Contestant 2: Green Dress

Contestant 3: Black Dress
(one hundred times better looking on than on the hanger)

Contestant 4: Not Dress – Silver skirt
(to be worn with white sweater)

Tell me what you think! All of you! Please!

(And then go vote on what tie Bart should wear).

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  1. Ya, I love that silver skirt. With a white sweater it’s totally perfect! That’s my vote.

    Ok, now what do I wear to Aaron’s office Christmas party next week? Because the only maternity dress I own is floral and very summer and totally wrong for the party. And I don’t own any other maternity dresses or skirts. It’s a dilemma. I think I might have to go shopping.

  2. I like number 1, with Bart’s red tie. With another tie, I vote for #3. But nearly everyday, my daughter tells me “Mom, you don’t know style,” so who knows?

  3. Wait, you mean you have nothing with lights or little Christmas ornaments on it? Just say the word and I’ll be there with a hot glue gun, some puff paint, and a couple jars of sequins and we’ll fix that white sweater so it outshines the silver in that skirt!

    (oh, and I vote for the silver skirt, if that wasn’t apparent.)

    (oh, and Janssen, I made the chocolate banana pound cake today; it was mighty fine. I found cinnamon chips at Super Target.)

  4. (oh, and I’m cooking up a scheme that involves my brother, me, his wife Rachel Seely, and inviting ourselves to Austin for a day. And 4-wheelers at my uncle’s house just outside town)

  5. I shall vote for the silver skirt, with the black dress as a second choice. I think the first two selections are quite pretty but too springy/summery for winter holiday parties. 🙂

  6. Well, I’m gonna go ahead and go with the popular opinion of the black dress or silver skirt (so holidayish and fun!) If I had to choose, I’d say silver skirt/white sweater combo and then Bart wears the greenish tie (or red.)

  7. So I can pretty much say ditto everyone else and the comments about the first 2 being a touch too summery. Love that silver skirt! I would jump on every chance I got to wear it. But the black dress is cute too. It’s hard to judge without seeing the black dress on, but contrary to what several other people have said, I would go with the black dress if I wanted to be dressier and the silver skirt if I wanted to be a little more casual. I think the right sweater and accessories could easily take the shiny skirt down a notch to classy Christmasy but not as fancy as a dress. Dresses always seem fancier to me. The silver skirt will make you look like a holiday clothing store ad, in a good way!

  8. So of course I had to go see Bart’s options before casting my vote, which is as follows:

    I agree that the first two are pretty summery, but since you’ll be inside (I assume?) and Austin is allegedly warm-ish, I feel like it’s okay to go with a lighter dress if you wear darker accessories. Hence: I vote for #2 (which seems like it will lose, but whatever) because I always gravitate toward green. I’d wear a black cardigan and black heels, but one should know that I wear those with pretty much everything. I’m realizing now that I’m picking more for me than for you, but… is that okay?

    Then, Bart should wear the green tie (which my husband might also own…), but if you’re afraid that it’s too matchy-matchy, go for the blue.

  9. I say silver skirt and sweater if you don’t want to be too dressy and black dress if you do want to out-glam everyone there.

  10. Black has always been my favorite because it looks so classy. The silver skirt is also festive so either one would work well for the Christmas party. Have a great time!

  11. I vote the silver skirt for you and the blue tie for Sir Bart. Granted, that combo may be a bit more Hanukkah than Christmas, but hey – it’s all the spirit of the season, right?


  12. I’m a fan of the green. Especially with what RA said. Black cardigan.

    I might be more for the silver skirt if you were wearing it with a different color sweater. Perhaps red? I don’t know. I’d really need to see it together.

    But it doesn’t matter, because I’m outvoted, and I’m just the dumb-old-roommate anyway.

  13. Urgh! If it were any other occasion, say Easter, I would give two enthusiastic thumbs up for the green dress. Lurrrrrrve it!

    BUT it’s Christmas. And Christmas must not only be celebrated with stressful shopping, whining children, and glutinous eating. But also, with silver skirts.

  14. I like the black one–the silver is gorgeous but maybe too dressy if you don’t want to stand out in that way. You’ll be beautiful whatever you wear.

  15. wow, Janssen, how many friends do you have? 🙂
    I want to vote for the green gress but I can’t tell which one of bart’s ties would match.
    Good luck and have fun!

  16. I’m going with the crowd and suggesting either the black dress or silver skirt. Both are lovely (as are the other two choices) and will look great!

    P.S. Where is the silver skirt from? And can I still buy it? Please say yes… I want it for my very own!!

  17. I like the green, but if you wear a T-shirt under it it might be too casual. Black is always a classic.

    I wish I had a christmas party to go to…

  18. I like the black dress. Also I like the silver skirt with a black top and black heels. Beautiful skirt!

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