Shipping and Handling

Well, after you’ve all said such very nice things and said you’ll read whatever I write, I think it’s time to tell you about my dreams the other night.

Wait, where is everyone going?

(This post really isn’t about my dreams, but I did have a totally random one where Bart and I were at a wedding reception and it was all lovely and fun except that every few minutes I had shooting pains in my thumbs).

Anyway, full-speed ahead with the swimsuit, although this post is less about the swimsuit and more about shipping and handling (I know, first it’s not about the dreams and now it’s not about the swimsuit. Am I TRYING to scare you all off?)

Here is the swimsuit, should you wish to check it out. I got the black one. Becca did too.

It will come as no surprise that it goes against my core beliefs to pay for shipping and handling. It doesn’t matter how cheap something is if you then have to plunk down an extra $6-15 for shipping. Not gonna happen, friends.

Many moons ago, I’d ordered Bart a shirt from Lands’ End and some message boards said that if you called Lands’ End, they’d give you a free shipping code. I called; they handed over the code. Life went merrily on.

So I tried the same tactic on Monday. I called; no code was handed over. I was passed through several people all of whom were astonished that I’d previously received a free shipping code.

“We don’t just have blanket codes; they are all only for specific customers, etc.”

Right. It’s hard to believe that when they’d given you a non-specific code only four months earlier.

I decided the swimsuit dreams must die. Twenty bucks was a good deal. Twenty seven felt too expensive. Especially if I should dislike the swimsuit and need to return it in which case I would simply be out seven nonrefundable dollars (every dollar is a precious and beloved child to me, in case you haven’t noticed in the past forty trillion posts about how much I cherish my money).

Then, I remember that ages ago, I had subscribed to Lands’ End’s special little emailing list and then promptly filtered it to be automatically sent to the trash can. I knew I’d be able to search it still, since Gmail is an excellent product.

I searched. The results showed me an email that Lands’ End had sent me a mere twelve hours earlier. An email that offered free shipping codes.

I laughed in the face of the witless employee who had sworn up and down that no shipping codes were available for the taking.

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  1. Free shipping is a lovely thing. I love gmail too. I love filters and have far too many setup. However, my inbox always looks ‘pretty’ so I love it.

  2. (every dollar is a precious and beloved child to me, in case you haven’t noticed in the past forty trillion posts about how much I cherish my money)

    The fact that you gave up twenty beloved children for a swimsuit worries me just a tad.

  3. Cute suit! And great price!

    And, um, I laughed so hard at Bart’s comment I might have snorted some hot chocolate out of my nose.


  4. Midway through the post I was thinking, well, why didn’t she email me for a shipping code? I almost always have one! But then, alas, so do you. Cute suit. Nice price. Bart, back off 🙂

  5. That, my friend, is extremely awesome. 🙂 I am so happy for you that you got free shipping and handling. I really do love the swimsuit and think it will look great on both you and Becca 🙂 (The fact that is almost 80 dollars off almost made me want to buy one, but I currently have plenty of swimwear that suits me fine.

  6. I often will see something I like and say, “That is not $40 cute, it is $14.99 cute.” I wish I had my very own markdown gun for instances like this.

    Also, very cute swimsuit. That halter style is SO flattering. I have two halter one pieces. One, in a size Small, and one in a Size Large. I need a medium. WHAT TO DO?

  7. Very big fan of the swimsuit.
    I hate paying for shipping too. I feel like I’m saving them SO MUCH MONEY by buying their product online instead of in a store, they least they can do is help me out a little on the price. is awesome for codes, if you should happen to need another one.

  8. Shipping and handling always seem to me to make the difference in whether or not I actually purchase the item. I think it’s so funny when you can call a company two separate times and get two separate answers.

    I really like the swimsuit. The design is so pretty.

  9. I can’t believe they wouldn’t give it to you over the phone! Sheesh! Glad you ended up getting the free shipping in the end though. I love that feeling of accomplishment 🙂

  10. I do that all the time. Subscribe to some company’s emails and then promptly filter them away. But isn’t wonderful that when you DO want to buy something, they’re there somewhere in gmail?

  11. They must go through customer service reps quickly. Otherwise you probably would have at least gotten a “we don’t do that anymore” instead of “what?”

  12. Okay, you did just about lose me on this one. Please see my blog for an explanation.

    The suit is darling. I love the ocean blue color.

  13. i always love a good deal! that swimsuit is darling and i am sure it will look fantastic on 🙂 i have to agree though…i absolutely hate to pay shipping. nice way to find your way around it! happy swimming.

  14. A swimsuit for that price? That’s a steal. But I hear ya’ on the shipping and handling. I’ve recently been trying to buy clothes on line and have had to pay shipping to me and shipping back to the company (because the purchases haven’t worked out). Ugh. I hate that I’ve had to spend $15-20 on shipping…..and I have nothing to show for it!

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