Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s pouring outside, and my heart is weeping with it because this may ruin our Fourth of July plans. The city has already cancelled the fireworks and skydivers that were scheduled for tomorrow night and rescheduled them for July 13 (which, fireworks are always awesome and such, I suppose, but July THIRTEENTH? That is not a holiday; it’s just a random day that won’t be the fourth of July even with the fireworks and mayor’s speech).

Looks like we may be barbecuing inside. This happened on Memorial Day too – our picnic was in the living room of some friends’ house. Why, Rain? Why must you come on days that we especially want to be grilling outside?

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  1. Who has heard of inordinate rain in Texas? I don’t think it’s rained here for months!

    Hope your 4th is lovely!


  2. You know, it’s kinda fun to BBQ in the rain…as long as you don’t have to actually eat in the rain, I guess!

  3. Oh how we wish her in Alabama for some rain to cancel our plans. It has been so dry!! Not a cloud in the sky today!

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