A Long Detailed Summary of Today for Posterity, Who Will Probably Also Be Bored By It

Sometimes I get to Saturday night and think “half my weekend is GONE and I did nothing with it.” Fortunately, today has not been one of those Saturdays.

We slept in a bit and then got up, had some quick breakfast and took off for the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum. We watched the movie about his life and then did most of the first floor (there are three floors of displays). That took us about an hour and a half and we decided to quit at that point because we were getting a bit tired and hungry; since it’s free, there’s no reason to have to do it all in one day. I’d rather do it in two or three trips and really enjoy it all, rather than be pretty ready to go for the second half. It was so fun to be back in a museum, especially one with such an interesting collection. I loved reading some of the letters (the letter to LBJ from Jackie Kennedy on his first day as the new president was really touching), and seeing pictures that spanned many decades. It’s a really great museum, and I wish we’d thought to go with Bart’s parents when they were here at Thanksgiving. We kept saying “Your parents would have LOVED this!” Too bad. I have a much better view of LBJ than I did previously too; it’s impressive how involved, hard-working, and compassionate he was and too bad that most of his good work was overshadowed by the Vietnam war. If you come visit, it’s a good bet we’ll drag you down there.

We went to lunch at an Indian restaurant called “The Clay Pit.” I had some fabulous almond/pistachio cream and coconut curry. They had a nice buffet too, and Bart had several tasty curries. We’d wanted to go there for a while and today seemed perfect since the lunch menu is far less expensive and it’s not so crowded during the day (and there isn’t gobs of traffic).

After lunch, we went and wandered around UT campus. It’s a gorgeous campus, and even in the heat, we enjoyed walking around and seeing the buildings when they were mostly deserted.

When we got home, we rode our bikes to the library to turn in some books and pick up a few new ones. Then we took a dirt path through some trees by the river to the grocery store and then the gym. The path was a new one for us (also, apparently, it was trespassing, since when we got to the main road, we passed a sign that told those leaving the main road “NO TRESPASSERS.” But we weren’t scared.). I definitely got a little sun and I ended up only doing some weight lifting at the gym because, hi, we just rode at least three miles through the MUD. Also Tall Itchy Grass.

Bart mowed the grass (the rain has made it almost impossible to go more than a week without mowing; our neighbor mowed it for us last Sunday while we were gone and it’s already looking like it’s been abandoned for a month) and now we’re about to have dinner. And behold, it will be awesome. Then we’re going to hang out with some friends. It has been a lovely day.

I’m especially glad to have had a nice weekend because this weekend is my family’s reunion in Utah. They’ve had one every two years since my parents’ wedding and I’ve never missed one before. If we’d just sat home on the computer, it’d have been even more depressing not to be there.

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  1. sounds fun and busy! Andrew and I really need to get some bikes. I feel like they make the weekends sound a lot nicer somehow.

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