It is what it is

Things that have recently made life happy:

– Dinner is cooking in the crockpot right this minute. – On Saturday, I went to Target and was looking for some black tights (to wear in, you know, eight months when it’s actually cold) and I found some for forty-seven cents apiece. That’s right. I bought two. I shall be going back to buy more, I think. – Blaine and Kristi brought us some delicious cookies on Mother’s Day and those cookies have certainly perked up my lunches. Alas, I took the last ones today. – I bought a swimming skirt to go with my swimsuit that I got for my birthday and hadn’t yet worn and that skirt was 50% off at the Nike outlet. Yippee. Also, cute. – Bart also got a new swimsuit (hooray – I loathed the old one with a deep and abiding intensity) and it was 60% off. – We went swimming with B and Ralphie (and their disturbingly cute children) this weekend for the first time this summer and it was glorious. We shall be inviting ourselves over often. – I talked to my mom for two hours on Mother’s Day. It pays to be the first one to call. – My mother apparently didn’t realize that kids are supposed to send their moms things for Mother’s Day and not vica versa, since she sent me a book in the mail on Monday. – I found out this morning that I got all A’s this semester (two A’s and one A minus). I’m sincerely hoping this means the school wants to give me a fat scholarship next year. – We’ve gotten up on time for the last two days and gone to the gym. Makes me feel happy. – I started taking iron pills about six weeks ago at my mom’s suggestion and I no longer feel like vomitting all over my shoes after running 0.06 miles. It’s quite glorious, actually.

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  1. I certainly feel like a good vomit after running. Especially if I have any thing but an empty stomach. Tell me more about these iron pills.

  2. I also LOVE the crock pot!

    I’ve had to take iron pills ever since I got serious about running too. Apparently running really depletes the old red blood cells… Glad you’re feeling better!

  3. No wonder they call it an “iron man”. I want to hear more about the magic pills as well….oh and we have about ten dozen more cookies and would love to share. Blaine TRIPLED the recipe. He always asks me to and I never do so while I was sleeping on mothers day he baked his little heart out!

  4. I hate Aaron’s swimsuit too. But he pretty much refuses to even think about buying a new one. I don’t know why.

  5. Don’t you just love having lots of things to be happy about? It’s the best feeling ever. And way to go on everything but especially the grades and the bargains! 🙂

  6. We went for a 3 mile walk last night and when we got back i seriously almost vomitted. WOW. I never knew iron helped…

    Good job on your grades!! A’s have a way of making any cloudy day seem BRIGHT! 🙂

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