Sewed Up

I wore these pants a few months ago, and when I walked in front of the mirror late in the afternoon, I realized the zipper was down. That was horrifying enough, but then I discovered that it wasn’t so much that the zipper was down as that the zipper was completely broken (I paid an entire $10 for these pants at Forever 21 – obviously I am completely shocked that they aren’t investment jeans).

Fortunately they are very stretchy pants and after letting them sit in my drawer unworn for many months, I thought, “Why not just sew the fly shut and wear them anyway?” And so I did. I just try not to go to the bathroom very frequently on the days I wear them because, although they are stretchy, it’s still a little tight to pull them on and off when the only opening is a single button.

And then this shirt was a hand-me-down from Ralphie. I loved it, but the front gaped a lot between buttons. So I sewed the front shut too.

Basically, this outfit is just sewn on to me.


Shirt: from Ralphie (Gap) // Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: DSW (gift from my mom) // Earrings: Forever 21

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  1. Great idea! I have a feeling nothing would get over my booty if it were sewed though. ;o)

  2. You look so cute! I'm always a little envious of your shoes in particular.

    Just the other day I was looking at a shirt in my closet that I never wear because it gaped. I sewed up the placket, slipped it over my head, and now, instead of hating it for being in my closet and useless, I can wear it!

    Why it took me months to think of this though is beyond me.

  3. Love this outfit on you! I wish I was able to sew my zipper shut if needed… unfortunately my hips are so wide and my waist is so small that either the pants would go over my hips or they would be huge once they got over my hips lol

  4. GENIUS. I love this. I love your outfit posts! Well .. I love all of your posts but am vapidly drawn to outfit posts.

  5. You look so sweet with your pink and your polka-dots! Both items were definitely worth the save, who needs to go to the bathroom anyway?

  6. Haha, that's so funny! I had a pair of jeggings from Target with only the top button and no zipper and it was so annoying wiggling in and out of them. And those shoes are too cute!

  7. lol…. you don't go to the bathroom as frequently, you really have to plan for this outfit huh. Looks cute though, never would have guessed it sewn on you 🙂

  8. I'm going to go get a pair of pants out of the throw out pile and sew them today.

    Love this outfit!

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