Ani: Eight Months

Eight months is my favorite age, so far. She is just so fun and full of personality.

And it is HARD to take a photo of her because she’s just trying to leap off the chair. (Shortly after this photo, she fell right off – luckily, I was anticipating this, and caught her).

If there are eight things to know about Ani at eight months:

  1. She’s adjusted well to sleeping in a crib, except for the fact that she keeps getting her legs stuck in the bars. Thank goodness for my mom, who just made her a set of bumpers (pictures to come. . .someday).
  2. Her hair has finally come back in and it’s still red. (Be still, my heart). Also, no more bald spot.
  3. Speaking of hair, she is a hair PULLER. I’ve lost a little, but Ella has been the sad recipient of more hair-pulling than I want to admit to.
  4. Ella makes her laugh like a little loon. I die.
  5. She’s making quick progress toward crawling and she can roll just about anywhere.
  6. Bath time? She loves it. And Ella loves having her in there too (“No! We’re making each other laugh! Don’t take her out!”)
  7. She is easily distracted during nursing now, and I can’t nurse with Ella in the room because Ella just won’t stop tickling her or jumping from behind furniture and yelling, “Am I distracting her?” (This obviously doesn’t make me insane at ALL).
  8. She is really into toys now. When I gave her a little toy barn and animals to play with, the screeching? It would not stop.

(But you almost might like to know that when you put her in bed, she immediately turns her head to the side as if to say, “Okay, goodbye. Time to sleep now.” It’s very cute).


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  1. So sweet. I loooooooove her red hair! I have been praying since before my baby was conceived that I would have a redhead. They are simply gorgeous!

  2. Yeah, it worked! Wonderful news about the red hair growing in again! As for the nursing, Ella's antics while asking if it's "distracting?"– clearly a sign of an intelligent child.

  3. I'm so with you on the distracted nursing (and having a toddler that is anything but helpful in that regard).

    Also, I love that she turns her head when you put her in her crib. Fos immediately rolls onto his side!

    Man, these babies are the funnest.

  4. Catching up on your blog tonight! She is so cute—— isn't that the reason to have a preschooler and baby they make each other laugh! The laughing between the two of them is the best. I'm so glad I have two (most days :/)

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