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When I took monthly photos of Ani, they were in a different chair than the ones I took of Ella. (Ella’s were in the glider we bought on Craigslist and Ani’s were in a chair I rescued when Ralphie was going to get rid of it).

So obviously I needed a new chair to take Star’s in. Happily, Lulu & Georgia sent me this darling rocking chair and it’s perfect for round three of monthly photos (not to mention rocking and nursing babies in). Prepare to see it eleven more times this year. P.S. You can get 20% off any order this week with the code everyday20.

Star Month 1

Rocking Chair // Sheepskin // Pillow // Crown (a gift from my sweet friend Elizabeth)

It’s really not fair to have a baby in February, because they turn one month much sooner than they are supposed to. I feel robbed of two or three extra days.

I’ve never been a mom who felt super sad about my babies growing up, but it’s just about broken my heart on a daily basis knowing how short this newborn and baby stage is. I want to just hold her all the time.

A few noteworthy things about her:

  • She’s a good sleeper, but she doesn’t usually go to bed for the night until close to midnight (which is LATE for me – I like to be in bed more like 10:30 or 11:00 most nights).
  • Her hair is dark and I’d love it if I had a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette, but Ella had fairly dark hair too when she was born, although not as dark as Star’s.
  • She loves to be snuggly, whether it’s being held, tucked in her carseat, or in a baby wrap.
  • Even though she was over ten pounds at birth, she doesn’t seem like a particularly big baby to me (Ani, who was 8 lbs 12 oz at birth, seemed MUCH bigger to me).
  • She definitely has her own look, but if I had to choose one of my other girls to compare her too, she looks more like Ella to me, especially when she’s sleeping.
  • She’s my first baby to have a clogged tear duct, which means her left eye is glued shut about half the time and the big girls think it’s hilarious that she’s always “winking.”

Oh, it’s such a delight to have a baby around again. I’ve never thought of myself as a baby person, but I love my own babies so so much.

Month 1 Photos

Monthly Baby Photos

Baby Photos

Monthly Baby Pictures


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  1. Seeing her beautiful face and sweet little jammies makes me want another baby… except that I've already done the up all night thing with 5 kids so maybe not so much! But her hands, seriously, you're killing me! She's perfect!!

  2. About 99% of the time, I'm fine with having three boys–and most likely ONLY three boys, since I think I'm done–but then I see adorable photos like this one (the pink crown! killing me!), and then that 1% of regret that I'll never have a girl might surface.

    She's great.

  3. She's just adorable! So sweet! In the third photo, she does resemble her big sister Ella. I'm still impressed that you carried a 10 lb baby! 🙂

  4. She is SO cute, and I love that chair! I was born in February which is great except it always snows here in the UK on my birthday, and I have to wait 10 months for Christmas presents (annoyed me as a kid, not so much anymore)

  5. Oh she is just too cute and I absolutely get the sadness that comes with watching newborns grow and change so quickly!! Don't know if you've heard this, but abby had a blocked tear duct too and it was suggested that a few times a day I squirt a tiny bit of breast milk into the corner of her eye and massage it gently with my pinky (freshly washed of course). It worked within days and no more clog!

  6. Oh my goodness! I think these are the first pictures that I've seen of her with her eyes open! She is such a sweetie!

  7. She is so beautiful! And I love that rocking chair so much! My baby girl has a blocked tear duct too… it's so sad when she can't open her eye. But thankfully as she's gotten older it's better most of the time!

  8. She is darling, I especially love the third picture in the post. It is a great shot! Also love those pjs, my girls have them and they are such a snuggly pair.

  9. Such a sweet baby. And the Crown!! Just stop! The things you miss with boy babies. This definitely makes me miss the sweet snugly stage- though the walking, going potty in the potty stage is pretty good too.

  10. Her crown is the cutest! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who isnt a big time baby person, but I'm right there with you that I go gaga over my own! That simple sentence you wrote made me feel sane 🙂

  11. She is absolutely adorable! And I love that chair. I saw one on Craigslist for $10 and I didn't think i would have anywhere to put it, but I'm still kicking myself!

  12. She is gorgeous! That little smile in the penultimate picture broke my heart a bit. Those big blue eyes and little dark tufts…It would be so lovely to have three girls with different colour hair, but just to have three girls is such a blessing. You're a very lucky mother 🙂 xx

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