Ani: One Month


If there is one thing to know about Ani at one month:

  1. She has red hair. And it keeps getting redder.

(But you might also like to know that Ella loves her more than life itself (and when she cries, Ella says, “Tell her that her big sister is here! Tell her Ella is right here!” If that doesn’t work, Ella will declare, “Maybe she’s crying because her daddy not here”), she loves her paci, and she’s a good little sleeper. She’s also the snuggly baby Bart has hoped and prayed for, and enjoys having her head rubbed, just like her mom).

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  1. Wow, she has grown! Wish we could be there to snuggle with her, too. And Ella is a doll. What a wonderful big sister she is. Love to all.

  2. Janssen, Ella has to be the cutest, sweetest little girl ever! The things she says are just precious!

    Where does that red hair come from? I love the snuggly ones too, glad Bart can enjoy that 🙂

  3. Look at that CHUBBY belly! I want to squeeze her!

    And you know I don't even like babies, Janssen. This is what your babies do to me! That video of Ella laughing at The Loud Book still gets me.

  4. What a little cutie! I always wished for a baby with red hair. Still waiting to see if that might happen… Ani is precious!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I think Heather can take full credit for the red-hair genes. We can only hope Ani's hair turns out as stunning as that!

  6. Oh, I just want to pick her up and smell her head. She must be a happy eater too. Ella is an amazing big sister with her kind words of wisdom. Enjoy every sweet and delicious moment!

  7. Oh your girls have a special place in my heart! For being such close neighbors I have not snuggled little Ani nearly enough though. Must fix that ASAP!

  8. She is adorable. My daughter had red hair and is now 1 (19 months) and it has only gotten more red. People always ask my husband and I where the red hair came from( I find this really irritating). I pray that our future children are cuddly(my daughter is not and never was).

  9. I love red hair — and it's so cute that Ella is so protective of her! When my brother was born, I actually told my mom to send him back. Not the nicest thing in the world, but I was only two years old. 🙂

  10. Ohhh..! It makes me so jealous that she has red hair. I hope I get to see her in March. I was secretly (or not so secretly) hoping my sweet baby would have red hair. Ah well. I will have to be satisfied being the aunt of the sweetest baby red-head I know (not to mention darling Enna who makes me want to keep her every time I see her), and the mother of five fabulous children who are sure to produce some red-headed grand children at some point in the future.

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