Nine Months

Little Beebop,

This month has been a big one for you – you learned to crawl, pull yourself up on the couch or the bookcase (usually using your mouth as an extra support, which we think is heeelarious), wave, clap, and give fives (or more like 35s because you can’t stop at just one).

We spend a lot of time in your bedroom, lately. I sit in the rocking chair and read, while you crawl back and forth across the room between your closet (which houses a few big toys) and the bookshelf where you pull all the board books off the shelf. Every once in a while, you’ll stop by the chair, sit up and give me a huge grin. You’re funny!

We’ve finally transitioned you down to two naps a day (except that one day last week where you were so grumpy, that you got three. . . ) and that has made my life much better as you are sleeping MORE and they’re a little more predictable.

And, when we went in to the doctor’s office for your nine month check-up, you were up another two and a half pounds since that extra weight check back at the seven month mark. Good work. (Also, every. single. time. we go in, they measure your head, go to plot it on the graph to see what percentile you fall in to, make a surprised face, and then say something like “Hmm, let me just remeasure and make sure this number is right.” That’s right, kiddo, you’ve got the big head. 70 percentile to go with your little 10 percentile weight).

You love having your teeth brushed – if you happen to see me brushing my teeth, you start flapping your arms wildly and making noises to be sure I notice that you want to be part of this.

And you are suddenly all about drinking water out of a glass. You even get maybe half the water down your throat (the other half, of course, goes right on your shirt).

Both of our bathrooms have dark blue bath rugs and they give off quite a lot of fuzz. And you love to eat that fuzz, so much so that we call you, multiple times a day, “the little fuzz-eater.” And if even the tiniest amount of that blue stuff gets tracked onto the carpet in other rooms, you can find it in a heartbeat, pinching it in your fingers and putting it right in your mouth. Bleck.

You are such a little person now, full of personality, easy to make laugh, and curious about everything. We love you so so much,


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  1. The teeth brushing thing bodes well for the future!

    As always, she is the most adorable little girl ever.

  2. So cute! Finn also has a huge head compared to the rest of him. (He got the head from me as my husband is constantly reminding me.) I had to buy a sun hat for him yesterday. He is wearing a toddler's medium. (2T-3T). And he is only 13 months old. Crazy.

    Does she have red hair? I would kill for a baby with red hair. (o.k. not really). I think it is genetically impossible for us. Sigh.

  3. If I haven't said this before, I've thought it about a million times. I just want you to know that whenever I read anything about your baby, you make me excited to have kids. I know that it's probably not all butterflies and rainbows, but so many people I talk to seem very negative about how much work it is to be a mother. When I read your blog, the only feeling I get is joy, and that makes me feel like I can decide what I want my experience as a mother to be. Basically, I've decided I will be you. 🙂

  4. this makes me laugh.
    The pediatrician once measured MY head at my daughter's visit, and pronounced me a big-head, too.
    I tell her we have BIG brains.

  5. I just love that baby girl. I wish we lived closer so I could come see her all the time!

    And B LOVES to brush his teeth too…we finally had to get him his own toothbrush a few months ago because he would go nuts every time we brushed our teeth! Unfortunately, I was lotioning him after a bath this morning and he stuck his toothbrush right in the vat of lotion…yuck.

  6. Ella and Baby 2 should talk. He's in the 10th percentile for weight with a 70th percentile head as well. Our little q-tips.

    Her hair does look sort of reddish in that last picture. Which would make her even MORE like Baby 2. We need to get them together to play.

  7. my oldest was <5 percentile on height and weight until he was 14 years old. his head, however, was off the charts — when he was about nine months old, his pediatrian gently asked "do people in your family……….." I was expecting an explanation of some horrible disease, but he finished with "…..wear large hats?" I laughed and said, "no, we can't wear hats at all, our heads are too big!" a relief for sure 🙂

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