Ready, Set, Go

If you read Merrick’s blog, you may have seen her very cute pregnancy pictures, starting at Week 26 and continuing through until about two days before her baby was born (spoiler! she had her baby!).

I’d planned on doing the same thing, but I didn’t look pregnant for a while. (That black thing sticking out of my stomach is the tie on my shirt, not an insanely oddly shaped baby. But you probably guessed that).

And then I was kind of lazy about actually taking them. And then Bart went to New Mexico for work for an entire month and took the camera with him. So, you know, I’m blaming him.

But now he is home and it’s still reasonably light when I get home from work and now I can subject you to poorly taken pictures of me every single week. Don’t all thank me at once (Ralphie, please move next door. Thank you).

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  1. Ok, so you can tell you're pregnant, but how is that possibly 27 weeks??

    I'll post 18 weeks later, you'll see why I ask.

  2. How fun to see you looking all cute and pregnant! And you're still wearing a skirt you've had since about 9th grade. Wow.

  3. You look amazing!

    Your post about your brother was so very sweet and wonderful. Thanks for sharing some of your memories of him. I was sincerely touched.

  4. ha ha ha, you look adorable as usual. I shall attempt not to think upon my 28 week photo as I look at your 27 week one. Sigh.
    Also, yeah for your sister!

  5. Funny comment from your mom…but I believe it is probably true. You are looking great! And how is it that your hair is so much longer?? Oh…ten weeks is how 🙂

  6. You look fantastic!! It makes me smile to see such a cute little baby bump-it truly is a miracle!

  7. Awesome! I was wondering if you would do some pictures. Please do them for the rest of the time because I want to see you in person but you're so far away!!

    And yesterday I hit "week 40," so today I'm taking my final photo of the series, with the baby. So excited!

    (and I think I still have that skirt too…although it's packed away in summer/non-pregnancy stuff…maybe I'll pull those clothes out today..thanks for the reminder!)

  8. so cute! i love the belly! and your hair is so long. it looks gorg!

    i loved your thoughts on shepard. the same type of thing has been on my mind lately— the little things that are unique to a person that makes you really love them.

  9. YAY, I'm so glad you're doing this!! You and your bump are adorable. Keep it up!! ps. are you in paradise already??? Lucky!!!

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