Raiding My Sister’s Closet: Winter Whites

This white dress from Downeast Basics has been one of my favorite things since I bought it for my graduation from the University of Texas back in 2009.

(It also made an appearance in my very first pregnancy picture for Ani).

But I’d never even contemplated wearing it in the winter until Merrick suggested we do winter whites for a post.

I’d seen this photo of a white dress in winter on Pinterest, so I figured it was totally feasible to wear this dress in February.

Sadly, I didn’t have a great emerald green wool jacket, but then, I also don’t live somewhere that requires me to curate a fabulous coat wardrobe. I’ll take it.

Dress: Downeast Basics // Sweater: Super-mega-old
Tights: Target (I bought 2 pairs in the kids section for 89 cents and they’ve lasted for YEARS!)
Heels: Ross // Scarf: American Eagle // Earrings: Claire’s






Check out Merrick and Landen‘s winter whites:

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  1. You must be tiny! I have a 36 inch inseam. No way could I ever wear kids tights! (However, the boys department is a great place to shop for athletic gear and coats. My winter coat is a XL boys and was a heck of a lot cheaper than women's coats.)

    I like the dress paired with black.

  2. Love this outfit! I just love breezy white dresses, but I'm terrified to buy one because I figure if my kids don't ruin its nice clean whiteness within the first 10 minutes, I'll do it myself within 15. I'm amazed yours has stayed so white after so many years!

  3. I wear white in the winter all the time, but not because I'm consciously doing winter whites, but because I'm a poor grad student and generally don't have enough clothes and/or money to differentiate between winter and summer wardrobes..I just add more layers 🙂 I'll echo a commenter above saying I'm also amazed your dress is still so white!

  4. I totally had that dress! Or one very similar to it (it wasn't a wrap-front, but it was the same fabric with some verticle ruffles on the front and buttons to the waist). I absolutely loved it, but, alas, spilled something on it that wouldn't come out no matter how hard I tried. 🙁


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