Goodbye Twice, Hello ThredUp

thredup vs twice thredup vs twicethredup vs twice thredup vs twice
thredup vs twice

Earlier this year, I mentioned how much I loved loved loved Twice for buying secondhand brand-name clothing at a killer price.

Then, in July, I got a tragic email saying that Twice was being bought up by eBay and they would basically cease to exist.

I used up the last of my credit as they cleared out their inventory and bought a couple of fun things, including this killer hot pink crossbody bag (similar ones here and here), and then immediately started looking around for alternatives because I am totally hooked on buying higher quality clothing at a fraction of the cost without having to leave my couch or paw through a thousand hideous shirts from the eighties (and generally soaked in cheap perfume).

ThredUp is my new go-to.

(This isn’t a sponsored post and they have no idea who I am, but if you go through my referral link, you’ll get $20 off your first order and I’ll get a referral credit too. Consider yourself disclosed and if you’d rather not use my link, I won’t be a bit offended).

They’re basically the same as Twice – you can buy second-hand clothing and you can sell your own clothing that you don’t want anymore.

ThredUp has a SIGNIFICANTLY bigger inventory than Twice ever did, but like Twice, you can sort by size, brand, and style, so you can narrow down pretty quickly.

They also have maternity clothing and children’s clothing, both of which Twice didn’t have, so that’s a giant bonus for me (well. . .the children’s clothing. I’m not currently in the market for maternity clothing).

I also think the prices are equivalent – usually in the vicinity of 50-80% off the original prices and in perfect condition. I bought a J.Crew t-shirt for $6 and the Michael Kors shirt I was wearing in this post for $14.

The shirt I’m wearing in this photo was from J.Crew and cost me $15. I’ve been looking for a basic white button down for AGES and I love love love this one. The identical item is actually still available from J.Crew and runs a cool $70. So, I’m feeling pretty excellent about this purchase.

You can also set up personal shops so if there are things you’re looking for frequently, say shirts from Anthropologie in a size small or medium, or TOMS flats in size 6.5, you can just click and check every couple of days instead of resetting your search filters every time. This is a big improvement over Twice in my book.

The threshold for free shipping is a little higher for ThredUp than it was at Twice. You have to spend $70 to get free shipping (shipping regularly costs $5.99, so it’s not insane) and then you get free shipping to return any of your items, assuming you get your refund in store credit (otherwise, you will get charged $8.99 for shipping).

My trick is that I always spend enough to get free shipping, then return anything I want for store credit. Then the next time I buy things, I have that store credit waiting for me, I spend up to $70 for free shipping again and repeat. Since I do a lot of my clothing shopping through ThredUp, I don’t mind having my money tied up in store credit instead of getting a cash refund because I know I’ll eventually get around to spending it.

I do think they’re more picky than Twice about what they buy, but since my other method is to donate them to Goodwill for FREE, it’s not like I have much to lose. Plus, instead of having to make a trip to donate them, a bag from ThredUp shows up in my mailbox, I shove everything in and then hand it off to the mail lady. Way more convenient and if I make $20, all the better.

TOP (J. Crew via ThredUp) • JEANS • FLATS • BAG (Steve via Twicesimilar)
thredup vs twice

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    1. Little Pincushion: Why do people feel like they can say such rude things over the internet? You would never dream of saying something like that to a stranger in person. There is enough hatred and horrible things in the world. Why not strive to lift others up instead of tearing them down? I suggest you go watch Cinderella, you have a little something to learn. "Have courage and be kind." Be the type of woman you'd want your kids and family to be proud of.

  1. You look great, btw, and I love that you've jumped on the ThredUp bandwagon! I've been shopping with them for a few years now and think their prices and quality are great. I also love that even if they don't accept certain items of mine for resale, I know they're responsibly donated or recycled, which is very thoughtful. They didn't have maternity during my last pregnancy, so I'm excited to hear that for future ones. 🙂

  2. You're speaking my language girl. I haven't heard of them before and I'm very excited. Hello new way to secondhand shop! Thanks friend, you rule.

  3. I am so going to try this out! These must be the expensive jeans you posted about on Facebook. I am SO torn these days between "only buy LOTS of cheap clothes because they all fall apart anyway," and "Spend REAL money to get REAL quality."

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