Raiding My Sister’s Closet: Spring Florals




Spring florals + sandals from @everydayreading
Spring florals + sandals from @everydayreading


I have been ruthlessly weeding through my closet (hello, spring cleaning fever).

I’ve gotten rid of probably half of my clothing and am really working to only keep the things I really truly like, which, surprisingly, is not that many items.

Now that I’m working with such a smaller amount of clothing, it’s much easier for me to see where the gaps are in my closet are.

Turns out that what I’m seriously lacking is shirts. Also, another pair of jeans or two would be nice.

I’ve made three orders from Twice in the last few weeks and have ended up with half a dozen new shirts that I actually love, which is making my mornings a lot lot easier.

(Have you used Twice? I first heard about them while we were in London where I wore this red coat and this gray dress non-stop. The prices are ridiculously cheap and they always have coupon codes too. It’s my kind of thrifting – I can do it from home, search by my size, and everything comes washed, tagged, and packaged. This post isn’t sponsored, except by my PayPal account; I just really love Twice).

Anyway, this floral shirt I snagged for 60% off may be number one on that list.

I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be wearing it all summer long (partly because I love it, and partly because I only have about ten shirts).

Shirt: Twice
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Lulu’s 
Earrings: Claire’s
Bag: c/o Lily Jade
Drop by Merrick and Landen’s blogs and see their spring florals:

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  1. I've had the best luck with things from Twice! I've gotten a lot of things with the tags still on them and they're easily my most worn items!

  2. I LOVE this shirt! I'll definitely have to look into Twice now. Also meant to comment the other day on your review of As You Wish – just wanted to say how much I loved that one too. The Princess Bride is my favorite movie, and his stories were just so charming and delightful, weren't they?

  3. I love Twice and use it all the time! I've sold my clothes to them too and have been very happy with their company! Love that because the colors in your shirt are darker you could wear it in different seasons too!


  4. I've been seriously contemplating paring down my closet a ton. I get really frustrated when I 'can't' find a thing to wear. If I got rid of all the things I hate wearing, maybe I'd be more satisfied with the few things I do have. I'm interested in trying twice out.

  5. I LOVE that shirt. I've never heard of twice. I will definitely check it out. I have a drawer and closet full of shirts, and everyday I don't want to wear any of them, except for the same 6 shirts.

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