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Remember how I said I’d read 111 books this year so far? I lied. It was a 112. I may be a fast reader, but I apparently can’t add to save my life. How humiliating is that?

A couple of people asked about my reading habits and I aim to please, so here are some answers:

how do i keep track of books I’ve read?

I have a draft in Blogger that I just add the titles to as I go. I also use Goodreads to categorize the books (YA, Books on CD, Class books, etc) and to act as a double-check on my list. If I don’t catch it one place, I will in the other. I try to add them as I go, but occasionally I do realize I’ve missed one on one of the lists.

where do i get books from?

I rarely buy books. I get the majority of my books from several different library systems. Over the summer, many of the books I read came from the Notable Book project I was working on. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt sends me new books periodically as does Jill at the Well-Read Child. And occasionally I borrow books from friends.

books on cd?

Yes please. My public library has an unbelievable selection of audio books and so far this year, 30 of the books I’ve read have been on CD. I put them on my iPod and listen to them while I walk around campus or when I’m doing something mindless at work. I listen to (usually a different) book in the car when I drive to work or anywhere without Bart. If I’m really enjoying the book, I might even listen to it while I’m working out.

when do i read?

I’m not really a “this is when I read and this is how long I’ll read” kind of person. I just read whenever. I usually have a book in my backpack or purse and another few in the car, so I can read while I wait for Bart, while he drives if he’s listening to a book on CD, if I’m waiting somewhere. Once I get into a book, it’s really easy for me to just cruise through it. I just like to read, so, if I can force myself to shut my iBook, it’s totally natural for me to pick up a book. I honestly feel like I could read a LOT more if I would just turn off my computer and stop wondering if anyone has updated Facebook in the last fourteen seconds.

where do I find books to read?

My problem is that my to-read list is getting longer by the second. The majority of the books I plan to read come from the book blogs I read: Jen Robinson’s Book Blog is probably the single biggest source, followed by the Inkblotter (the blog for the King’s English Bookstore) and Librarilly Blonde. And basically, if it’s on a list, I want to read it. Newbery, Printz, National Book Award, Bluebonnet, Lone Star. You name it. And every time I go to the bookstore, I leave with a big list of things that look interesting. Going to school doesn’t help either, since practically all my classes are filled with book lists and then other people telling me about awesome books I must read. Currently my “to-read” list on Goodreads is at 127 and that is far from comprehensive. Plus, I want to re-read books that I haven’t read in years and that I only faintly remember (Sarah, Plain and Tall, for instance).

Hmm, this post makes me sound slightly insane. So be it.

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  1. Good blog! Reread Sarah Plain and Tall soon! I so envy you having access to big/great libraries.

    Our library has a very poor selection (only one Spinelli book!) now that it is part of the inter-library loan system. Our library has a fair selection of little children’s books, but literally, about 2/3 of the YA shelves are bare. Of course, most children, including home schoolers, have (by law) access to the school libraries. There are about half the paperbacks available that there used to be.

    Also, is anyone besides me having trouble using Goodreads? I set up my profile, added a few books and comments, and can still sign in, but now when I try to add a book or edit Goodreads ignores me.

    Must be my computer, I can’t use HTML tags, either.

  2. You need to do a blog of your top 10 books and why you love them. I want to read some good ones if I ever find time!

  3. I’m honored to have made an impact on your reading lists, Janssen!

    I also find audiobooks a great help during mindless activities, cleaning, folding laundry, etc. But my exercise these days consists mostly of riding the exercise bike, and I find that audiobooks don’t take quite enough of my attention for that (it’s deadly to keep looking at the time gauge). I used to walk quite a lot, and that was excellent for audiobooks. Oh well. We both seem to be managing to find time to read. Have a great week!

  4. “When do you read?” Easy question. You have NO children. I will say, however, that while I nurse I read, literally, thousands of pages. Other times I have to sneak hours away from the day. Enjoy it while it lasts: I know you will. 🙂

  5. I’m totally jealous. I read One Duck Stuck about a hundred times a day, but less and less actual books are making it into my brain!

  6. Nice post! I used to be so great at keeping my list up and now it’s all falling to pieces. I’ve been staying up later than the boys to read and blog at night, so I actually have something to blog about, but still no where near 112 books.

    Maybe I’ll try GoodReads.

    This comment brought to you by: the letter T, for Tired. Sorry for it’s near incoherence and lack of proper spelling.

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