Pi Day

Tomorrow is Pi Day.

Which, you know, is only my favorite day of the year (okay, okay, I like Christmas better. And my birthday).

Last year we hosted a Pi Day party for the first time and it. was. awesome.

We had nine different pies (which came out to about half a pie per person – just the way I like it).

This year we’ve invited even more people because more people = more pie.

Also, because I live in fear of running out of food (is there anyone who doesn’t have a mild panic attack when they have people over and suddenly is sure that everyone they’ve invited is going to have the appetite of a orangutan who hasn’t eaten in a week?), I’m providing two pies.

But pie is not exactly my favorite thing to make. I find it to be kind of fussy and tedious and, to be honest, I’d rather eat cookies. But you can’t exactly bring a plate of cookies to a pie party.

So, I bought one pie and plan to make the other (okay, actually, I gave my very generous brother-in-law my credit card and told HIM to pick out a Marie Callender’s pie at the grocery store – it was kind of exciting to not know what pie he’d bring back (spoiler: it was a peanut butter cream pie which was a safe bet as we happen to be a household that goes through at least one jar of peanut butter per week)).

Everyone should have a relative on spring break to run errands for them so you don’t have to drag your two small children to the grocery store.

Also, I ate a tiny bit of the whipped cream that smeared on the carton when I took a photo of this pie and I think I deserve some sort of award for not eating the entire thing on my own. I shall be writing that in my sure-to-be very professional and serious review on their website.

So that pie was the easy part. Now comes the hard part of deciding which of the pies on my Pinterest dessert board I’m going to make for the party(I’m leaning toward this salted caramel one with a coconut crust).

For more party ideas, you can visit Marie Callender’s blog (well, I’m guessing SHE doesn’t write the blog (thank you Wikipedia for answering my burning questions about whether or not Marie Callender was a real person – she was) but you know what I mean. . .).

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  1. While I fully support and all pie Pi Day celebration, my favorite math teacher used to have an all-round Pi Day party with everything from cookies to doughnuts to pizza (and of course pie). But considering we go through at least a pie per person at Thanksgiving, I'm still thinking your way sounds better.

  2. I totally made Pi-shaped cookies last night…and I have a Pi T-shirt to wear to our Pi party, and Pi earrings (nerd alert!), and I'm bringing 7-layer Mexican pie (7-layer dip in a pie plate, because sometimes you need a little savory with your sweet, and who doesn't like 7-layer dip?). We've also got quiche and I think 6 different kinds of sweet pie on the menu…I'm so excited!

    Pi day rules.


  3. Have a great time. All the pies will probably be delicious. Confession and hint: When I was your age, if anyone would have suggested I use a pre-made pie crust, I would have agreed and still made my own or come unglued (depending on who made the suggestion). Pie crust snob? Yes. Even though homemade is less expensive and not full of additives, the pre-made crusts are so good, it is hardly worth the effort to make your own. I suggest you buy the ones in the "deep dish" pie tins. 🙂 (I do have an almost fool-proof pie crust recipe if you are interested.)

  4. Love this! My YSA ward's book club is having a pi day party which includes pie and discussing the book Life of Pi. I can't go because I have work, but it sounds like it's going to be awesome. 🙂

  5. ooo, I want to come to your pie party! I've never made a pie before…but I always have the intention of doing it- someday. This reminds me of how practically every time I visit my parents they say, "We have to get a pie because they are on sale at Marie Callenders". Fine by me.

  6. my crust didn't come out nice and flaky. Could've had to do with my two aproned helpers. But Pi Day was a big success, as I'm sure your party will be. I made three pies to make sure we had enough!

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