Originality is Certainly My Strong Suit

You never would have suspected a picture of Ella in her Halloween costume today.



For sheer parenting joy, it is really hard to beat Halloween with a toddler. Ella has been talking about it for weeks, and insisted that what you say at the door is “trick-or-treating.”

She appears to have a photographic memory for candy and refused to get a duplicate of any candy bar she already had, politely but firmly telling the giver, “I already have dat one.”  The first woman didn’t seem to believe that Ella would actually know whether or not she already had a Kit-Kat bar, so Ella dug it out of the bottom of the bucket and held it up as proof.

She also much preferred being able to choose her own candy, and if the person just handed her one, she’d come back and tell us, “that guy just give me one. I not choose my own.” 

And after each house, she’d look down the street in amazement and say, “There be ANOTHER house?” As the evening progressed, she’d look into her bucket and exclaim, “I have tons!” (In reality, I think she only got about 20 items, but to our child who never sees more than two candy items at a time, it probably did seem like TONS).

We let her eat two pieces on the way home and I think it was clearly the best night of her life thus far. After we put her to bed, she talked animatedly to her stuffed animals for a good fifteen minutes, her voice rising with excitement every few words.   

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  1. What. A. Doll. Love it! Her little phrases are so funny! My niece is growing out of that and speaking correctly now and I'm always a little sad when she gets a word right that she used to mispronounce. Anyway, I'm sure Ella will enjoy her TONS of candy! 🙂

  2. She's adorable! LE was a bit dubious about the walking up to doors, for exactly ONE house. Then she was totally cool with it. What? Candy? SURE! I posted our pictures today too, but I didn't bother to write anything, cause zzzzzz.

  3. I'm so glad to see Ella's costume (she makes an adorable ladybug) and hear about your Halloween adventures. Children really do make Halloween fun. And Ella is growing up so much. Wish we could have greeted her at our own door and let her choose her treat. I'm impressed that she remembered exactly what she had and didn't want to duplicate. Give her a love for us.

  4. Could Ella be any cuter? She's already taken it a million levels higher than I ever thought the cute-o-meter could ever go. "I already have dat one." Haha!

  5. Okay, that is seriously so so cute and funny. Our toddler Halloween experience was the opposite- she refused the costume and refused the trick or treating. I started out upset but then realized that meant we could go eat $2 burritos at chipotle so it was a win afterall.

  6. Oh, I just love her! And I'm so looking forward to having a similar experience with my son once he starts walking and talking.

  7. So freaking adorable! Love the ladybug costume and the story that goes with it. Her little phrases & the bit about talking excitedly to her stuffed animals are ridiculously cute!

  8. Ok, SERIOUSLY not helping with the baby fever over here! Ella is just the most adorable thing ever, and the stories you tell about her are too cute. 🙂

  9. um. she is a genius.

    can I hire her to come tutor Sebastian? I promise he wouldn't eat her although he might be tempted.

  10. She is adorable in her costume!!! And I can't believe that she could remember every candybar she got. I couldn't even remember which kids I gave candy to. I didn't catch the two junior high kids that came to our house twice until they were walking away again! Who goes trick or treating at the same house twice!?!

  11. Cute! I love that she remembered which candy she already had — and that you actually went trick-or-treating! I was just complaining to my husband that everyone does trunk or treats now and I want our kids to actually go to people's homes.

  12. Adorable. She says the cutest things. Don't forget to remind her that she promised me and Jason some too! 🙂

  13. Like you need one more person to tell you- but she is adorable. I love how she kept inventory of what she got 🙂

  14. I thank you for melting my candy crusted heart with your darling post!!! Children make every holiday that much better!

  15. Oh that is adorable! My baby's 14 months and had no idea what was going on but still loved every moment. This makes me so excited for next year!

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