My 4 Goals for this School Year

Today, Tally starts kindergarten (which is so ridiculously wild because it feels like actual weeks ago that ELLA started kindergarten).

The other girls started school last week and it was VERY hard for Tally to watch them head out and not get to go along, so she’s thrilled that it’s finally her big day.

It’s not a huge change in my routine to have her going to kindergarten since it’s half day and she did half-day preschool last school year (the main difference is that she’ll go five days a week instead of four and it’s a half hour longer than preschool was), but it still feels like a big milestone!

Back to school season feels a little like the the beginning of a new year, and I’ve been thinking about what habits and goals I want to focus on this school year.

goals for the school year

My 4 Goals for this School Year

  1. Don’t check my phone until the girls leave for school. I wrote a whole post about how one of the best things I did this summer was keep my phone off until 9 a.m. – it made the mornings so much more calm and it was unreal how much I could get done (breakfast, everyone’s hair done, the house tidied up, etc) when I wasn’t burning so much time in my email or social media first thing in the morning. I’m definitely planning to keep it up during the school year and I’ve seen already the huge difference it makes in our school mornings this past week.
  2. Start dinner prep early in the day. I feel like during the school year, dinner time just creeps up on me every day, so I’m committing to spending just 5 minutes or so prepping in the morning to make things easier on me when dinner time rolls around, whether that’s defrosting meat, making a salad dressing, putting out ingredients, or chopping up some vegetables.
  3. Volunteer/participate in two school things for each girl. I’m never going to be the mom who is PTA president or room mom, but it’s clear how much it means to my girls when I participate in a few things, like being a chaperone for a play Ella’s class attended or reading Halloween books in Star’s classroom. My goal is to do 2 of those kinds of things for each of the girls this school year, which comes out to about one thing a month.
  4. Read for 30 minutes every night. This was one of my 2022 goals and I’m revisiting with the start of the school year. It’s hard for me to get a lot of reading in during the day and my best bet is if I get in bed (and put my phone away for the night first!) and then give myself a dedicated chunk of time. Plus, it’s the best way for me to wind down at the end of the day.

Any things you’re focused on with the start of school? I’d love to hear what habits or goals for the school year you’re working on!

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  1. I love thinking about finding your limit in helping in the classroom. I feel like I should do it all, but if I say 2x per kid now in August it helps prioritize my time.

  2. I would love to declutter for a few minutes (like 10) everyday! I also love prepping for dinner during the day. It makes after school sooooo much easier!

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