A Pair of Sunglasses Went for a Walk

Do you have items that inevitably seem to get lost?

For me, it’s sunglasses.

I don’t lose my keys or my phone or library books very often, but sunglasses? They seem to have legs at my house.

lost sunglasses

lost sunglasses

lost sunglasses

lost sunglasses

Just over a year ago, on my birthday of all days, I lost my all-time favorite pair of sunglasses.

They were my first pair of really nice sunglasses and I loved them beyond all reason (I even wrote an entire love-letter post about them here).

I managed to hold on to them throughout our entire travels in Europe, a bunch of trips through the southern United States, and a cross-country move, and then, on my birthday, we went out to dinner at Grimaldi’s and I must have set them down on the table because when we got home that night, they were gone.

I called back the next morning, and no one had seen them, so someone must have figured they’d help themselves to a nice pair of sunglasses.

I tried not not be devastated, but I’m still pretty bummed more than a year later (and whenever I see old photos where I’m wearing them, I feel sad all over again).

This year, I got two replacement pairs, including the golden aviators in these photos. My face seems to be slightly crooked because it’s hard for me to find sunglasses that don’t look lopsided on my face. I’ve tried a million pair of cheap ones and they all look like they’re slipping down one side of my face. Aviators especially seem to accentuate that unevenness, but this pair was a gem.

They were worth every penny.

And of course, a few weeks ago, right after these photos were taken, they disappeared on a Sunday afternoon.

Again, I searched high and low, asked everyone I could think of and . . . nothing. Our good run together was over.

So you better believe I’m holding on to my last remaining nice pair of sunglasses like my life depends on it.

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lost sunglasses

Photos by KDM Photography

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  1. I’ve always purchased relatively cheap sunglasses because I like to be able to throw them in my purse and not worry about them getting scratched. Last spring I finally splurged on a pair of designer glasses (bought on sale so only like $70) and I left them at a restaurant when I was on vacation. Never again!!

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