Winter Challenge: Layers

You may remember that one of my goals this year was to spend less time getting dressed. Mega-fail today. I think half of my closet was on my bed today (the other half was in the laundry, as Monday is laundry day).

In some ways, I hate Monday because of the laundry issue, but in other ways, it’s a nice chance to bring out clothing I don’t wear as often.

Kayla’s challenge for the day was “Layers” and I didn’t want to be TOO obvious with this one.

I ended up wearing this maternity dress which I love the colors of and tucking it in to make it a little more tunic-y. Plus, a triple-wrap belt (layers!) and some new black ankle pants I bought at Forever 21 last weekend.

Sweater: Borrowed from Landen, Dress: Target Maternity,
Belt: Old Navy Pants: Forever 21, Shoes: Payless

Done and done.

Now to go put away all the clothes strewn around my bedroom.


I’m participating in Kayla’s Winter Challenge. Check it out on her blog:

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  1. I can not believe that that is a maternity dress- it looks awesome with that belt and those pants! love it! way to go!

  2. the dress tucked in to make a tunic…brilliant. Will definitely need to try that trick. Even if it took awhile to land on it, this outfit is a win.

  3. You look absolutely lovely! I love the triple layer belt and using the dress as a tunic.

    I decided to try out the 10-Day challenge too. I'm doing it on the Flickr group, but we'll see if I can stick with it.

  4. Okay, this one could be my favorite from the challenge. I love it! And what a great way to use an item in a new way (wearing the dress like a tunic). Love it!

  5. You look FAB.

    And I think those are the same pants I just bought from f21…are they black, but not totally black (more like really really dark denim?) And were they $10?

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