Jeans and Cardigans

Pretty much my favorite thing to wear right now is jeans and a sweater. And, you know, something under a sweater.

This was the day after I got my haircut and it was still looking good from my hairstylist straightening it. I immediately decided I NEEDED a flat iron.

 Sweater: Borrowed from Landen, Shirt: Ann Taylor
Belt: Gift from Merrick, Jeans: Target, Shoes Payless

I mentioned before how much I love these $10 black pants from Forever 21. I only wish the grey ones had fit me as well, but they looked stupid on me. Or I looked stupid in them. One of the two.

Shirt: Swapped, Sweater: Swapped

Pants: Forever 21, Shoes: Payless, Necklace: Old Navy

And yes, this outfit does look surprisingly similar to the one I wore with the hat. What can I say? I like what I like. Also, I’m hoping Landen forgets eventually that this sweater belongs to her and I can keep it forever and ever and ever.


Top: Forever 21, Sweater: Borrowed from Landen
Jeans: Target, Sandals: American Eagle

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  1. You get babysitting, scones, child-distraction/wrangling in church, AND adorable polka dotted sweaters? My sister currently lives on another continent, but when she comes back, I MUST convince her to move in with us.

  2. I like the last one best, I think, because I've been wearing so much black and gray all winter that the colors make me think of spring. Plus, SANDALS!

  3. The grey jeans were definitely at fault here, I'm certain that it wasn't you.

    Also, it makes me so happy that your outfits are so simple! I've been wearing pregnant variations of these outfits pretty much all the time (at least when dressing actually happens), and I love them. Seeing you look so great in the same basic combinations makes me feel a lot happier about my overall wardrobe choices. Hooray for not having to get too crazy with fashion!

  4. If you want her to forget, you should probably stop mentioning it. 🙂 I miss the days of sharing a closet with my sister. She had/has some cute clothes!

  5. So did you get a flat iron? If you get a good one and it will revolutionize your life. I love my chi. I have curly hair, and I can let my hair air dry and then use the flat iron and it's still straight. Or, I can wear my hair curly one day and straighten it the next without having to go through the whole wash and dry cycle again. Basically, I never use my hair dryer anymore.

  6. I love cardigans and the AE sandals. I also adore my flat iron and use it several times a week to get my thick hair under control. Luckily, we found it at a nice garage sale for about $5! Isn't it great to have your sister so close you can borrow back and forth.

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