The Half-Way Mark

May is half over and hey, I’m still wearing the same 31 items of clothing.

Actually, the pair of pants I ordered were a complete disaster, so 30 (would it be cheating to add another pair of shorts? The temperature just skyrocketed up to 97 degrees today, so the sweaters I was wearing in the snow in Denver on May 1st are now shoved at the back of the drawer).

And then this blue and white striped shirt on the right I decided was just not doing it for me anymore. I liked it in theory, but in real life, it sagged out of shape within minutes of putting it on, had a neckline that I struggled to work with, and was starting to pill. Goodbye.

And one pair of jeans that I also stopped kidding myself about and put in the Goodwill pile.

So more like 28 for 31.

I’ve got to say, I’ve never had an easier time getting dressed than I have this month.

It was unbelievably simple to pack for our Utah trip and my laundry pile is a little smaller because I’m wearing things more than one single time.

I’m also not able to do my regular thing of “saving” my clothes. Because I have so few to pick from and they are pretty much ALL my favorite things, I feel completely justified in picking anything, rather than feeling like, “Oh, I’m just staying at home today, so I should waste this shirt.” I know, it’s blowing my mind too. 

I’ve also been able to identify more clearly what I’d like to have in my closet, so I’ve ordered a couple of things that are just hanging around waiting for the calendar to tick over to June (of course, most of them were pants and these blistering temperatures are making me reconsider that plan. Should have bought forty pairs of shorts instead).  

By the way, those polka-dotted shoes were a surprise gift from my mom a few weeks ago. Aren’t they awesome? I told you my mom has the best taste (also, I cannot keep Ella from wearing them around the house. The minute I take them off, she’s put them on and is tromping around in them).



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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying the 31×31 challenge, even if your items are slowly being picked off. I'd be fine if you swapped in a pair of shorts. You are a reasonable person who isn't trying to subvert any rules.

    My experience with the limited wardrobe is similar; now I'm wondering if I can bring myself to get rid of the very many clothing items I guess I don't need. Which was part of the point of all of this! I've been surprised by how MANY items 31 things has felt this month. I thought I would feel deprived, but I definitely don't.

  2. LOVE your striped skirt. And pilling really is a clothing pet peeve of mine that I seem very susceptible to for some reason. Jeff's sweaters and shirts never pill and I'm always tempted to think it's witchcraft.

  3. Reading this and Zero Waste Home makes me want to give my closet another go through. I did it a month ago when I changed out my winter clothes, but let's be honest, I can always throw away more. And a third for loving on the skirt!

  4. Must have polka-dotted shoes! How would you say they run? Small/TTS/large? (I ask because my normal size is sold out, and I'm wondering if ordering half a size larger would be too big.)

    1. I feel like they fit pretty true to size, but I think if you went half a size larger, they'd probably be okay too.

  5. I totally do that, save my clothes for "the special occasion". Or just not that day. I think it messes with my head.

  6. Love that you did this, I seriously need to go through my closet. I love three things: your new banner and profile picture, that skirt and shoes! I wish my mom could pick out shoes like that!

  7. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who "saves" clothes for the days when I have to go out in public. 🙂 Your 31 for 31 has totally inspired me to reinspect my closet and only keep clothes that I love. Your outfits are so cute. Love your blog!

  8. I save clothes for nice days when I feel like I should be dressed up, but I really shouldn't! I should wear them a lot more often. I find that I wear the same clothes all the time, so I might have to try 30 clothes in 30 days. It definitely helps you be more creative!

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