My Favorite Accessory (and Giveaway!)

When I was eleven or twelve, I bought a pair of sunglasses. I was sure I was the coolest looking person alive, except that I could never ever remember to wear them.

I clearly recall thinking, “How do grown-ups remember to put these on when they go outside?!”

Now, I’m an adult living in a very very sunny location, and I am completely dependent on my sunglasses. I do not leave home without them. I don’t walk to the mailbox without them. I absolutely do not drive without them.

I’ve gone through about five or six pairs since we moved to Texas in 2006. My last pair I dropped so many times that they no longer fit on my face very well at all, but because I am so ridiculously cheap, I couldn’t bring myself to buy a new pair when, technically, this pair still worked (albeit while making me look like my face was very crooked).

Then, somehow, I lost that pair and I moved on to the equally poor solution of using Bart’s which only stayed on my face if I kept my head tilted back a little. Also, I would usually forget to take them off until I got in the house and then he’d go to drive the car and wonder where his glasses were. He really liked this solution, I think.

Then Firmoo sent me a new pair of sunglasses, and Bart rejoiced.

I was a little nervous about them because I have a hard time finding glasses that don’t just eat my tiny face alive, but these ones are the perfect size. They aren’t too enormous, they stay on my face, and I feel much more glamorous walking around with a tricycle and two small children than I deserve to. I’ve just had to relearn how to drive without my head tilted backward.

My main complaint is that a brand-new pair verified for me that my face is, indeed, very slightly crooked. I liked it better when I could blame it on having dropped my sunglasses one too many times. Other than that, I love these sunglasses more than any pair I’ve ever owned (even the Beatles-esque oval ones I bought when I was eleven).

In fact, I love them so much, I’ve finally overcome my laziness and actually put these back in the case every time I’m done wearing them so they won’t get scratched, bent, or otherwise meet the fate all my other sunglasses have met.

Ella will save money on sunglasses in the future by only needing them for her one eye
Because sunglasses always have and probably always will be my very favorite (and most worn) accessory, I’m happy to be able to give away 7 prizes: one pair of sunglasses, plus 6 E-vouchers for $20 off a pair of sunglasses.
To enter, just leave a comment with a link to the pair of sunglasses you’d like to win. And make sure I have a way to get a hold of you if you win!
This giveaway is open until next Friday, 5/17 at midnight, central time. Open to residents of all countries that Firmoo ships to (which is most of them – you can check which countries they ship to here. Instructions on how to place your order here. You can also have prescription sunglasses made).

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  1. I would pick ones close to the ones you are wearing…and I totally understand about never remembering to wear them when you were younger. But now that I, you know, drive and stuff, I seriously can't be without them!

  2. OTO3537. The tortoiseshell ones because I love tortoiseshell glasses. I usually buy cheap glasses at target, because I sit on them eventually, or they get mashed in my purse or whatever.

    Funny story…over spring break, my sil and I took our kids to the national zoo. During a food break, I took my sunglasses off and one of the screws fell out and an earpiece came off. I nearly DIED. Spent the rest of the very sunny day trying to keep my head tilted to one side so my glasses, with only one earpiece, wouldn't fall off my face.

  3. Yes! My face is tiny and I can't find anything that looks good, so these look like a great option! #OTO3574 for me, I think.

  4. #OTO3502 These are really nice! I'm terrible about sunglasses – I never now what's going to look right on me.

  5. Prescription sunglasses are a secret dream of mine. Then I wouldn't have to resort to wearing two pairs of glasses at once on road trips, or suffer the smirks of my husband as I did so.

    I'd pick #OTO3574

    hmcosby att gmail dott com

  6. I think I like the OTO3536, although it was a difficult choice. I, too, must have sunglasses when outdoors at all times. You'll often see me wearing them on hazy days, because I'm so fearful of being without them. I have sensitive eyes! But, like you, I am frugal, so my pair comes from Payless.

  7. I am always breaking/losing my sunglasses…. and then squinting into the sun like crazy…. I always go for cheap walmart pairs! My fav from Firmoo is #OTO3537.

  8. I have forgotten a pair of sunglasses at both my parents and my in-laws (both out-of-town) in the past 6 weeks. Would love a quality pair that I would love enough to remember 🙂 My favorite is #CP6077. (And my email is rachelfriedman1 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  9. My last TWO pairs have met untimely ends. One ended up in three pieces thanks to my then one and half year old (she thoughtfully put them back into their pouch so I didn't find out what had happened until I went to wear them). And the other pair was crunched by my very own bottom when we were in California over Christmas this year. Opps.

    My husband keeps telling me that I need to get some 'real' sunglasses instead of the $10 pairs I keep buying from TJMaxx that sometimes hurt my nose a bit and always leave awesome red marks. He has a pair from Oliver Peoples so I think any sunglasses I got would have an inferiority complex.

    Love the Ivory #OTO3536 and Tortoise #OTO3537. Aviators are so freakin' cool.

  10. I got a pair of sunglasses when I was about 11 also. Except I didn't have contacts yet, so I'd wear the sunglasses and be totally blind. A few years later I got contacts and have been a sunglasses addict ever since then. I hate it when I do not have a good pair intact. The pair I have now I bought for about $8 at Ross, and they pinch my head a little bit, which is weird considering I have a really small head. Imagine how a normal-headed person would feel in those things. So, I'm making do, but I'd love to not make do and to have a decent pair.

    Aaaaaaand. I'd probably pick OTO3541. Or OTO3574.

  11. My last pair of sunglasses were a gift from my FIL. They were from Italy and were beautiful. They were stolen out of my car – I know, I shouldn't have left them in there, but I started leaving them in the glove box so I wouldn't forget them! I haven't bought a new pair yet (it's been almost a year) and I miss them. I would love some just like yours! They are so cute. (Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?)

    leavitt(dot)natalie(at)gmail(dot)com 🙂 Thanks!

  12. I am a sunglasses wearer for sure! I never leave home without them!

    I'm a loyal Ray Bans girl, but I love OTO3574!


  13. I have a thing about sunglasses too! Bright sunlight makes my eyes freak out so I always have a pair with me. My current favorite is a pair of Ray Bans with a purple floral frame. They make me so happy! I like the BSN2909…I have been looking for a pair with wide, wide stems to cover up my temples, as I just had a mole removed there and I don't want the scar to get sunburned!

  14. I LOVE sunglasses, and I haven't been able to justify buying a nice pair in ages – mine are currently all old ones that I keep in the car specifically for driving purposes, definitely not cute accessory worthy. I think #OTO3537 (in Tortoise) is super cute!

  15. I love the ones that you got, but in black. (#OTO3574)
    I could definitely use a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving!

  16. Super cute! Sunglasses are those types of things where I totally forget that I want them until I'm driving into the sun at 6 PM, or I'm on my way home from the park and wonder why the corners of my eyes hurt so much from squinting.

    I love #OTO3574, in tortoise.

  17. I'd get these #OTO3502 because like you I can't leave the house without them. The sun, it hurts. I read somewhere that one of the symptoms of a thyroid issue is sensitivity to sun so now I'm convinced that I have thyroid issues, my doctor disagrees…

  18. I like #OTO3541. I think my thirty-something self could use a little bit of trendiness. 🙂

  19. Oh I just love model #OTO3537 especially in tortoise!

    Have you read the recommendations for maintaining the sunglasses? If so, are you adhering to them? No make-up? Must use two hands to remove? Are my questions going to disqualify me?! 😉

    Smsiegel42(at)gmail (dot) com

  20. I'm like you, I never go anywhere without sunglasses but I go through them fairly fast since I buy the cheapest pairs! I love the set you got.

  21. I buy super cheap sunglasses so that I don't feel bad when I inevitably scratch them beyond recognition or lose them, so I would feel very fancy if I won this! I like the style CP6077 in tortoise!

  22. Ooooo…prescription sunglasses! I really like the CP8501 in tortoise, and would definitely get sunglasses with my prescription so I don't have to choose between sunglasses or headaches when I wear my glasses. It's so sunny here nearly all the time that I end up squinting badly even when wearing my glasses, and I don't always want to wear my contacts.

  23. Ditto what RA said. Plus, I have a toddler who loves to steal my sunglasses and inflict teeth/drool/smudgy fingers/etx. on them. But if I had a fancy pair with a case for safe-keeping, maybe I could protect them from the little guy. I personally love style OTO3541 in black. So pretty!

  24. oohh i love the ones you are wearing! would definitely choose those ( p.s. love your blog! i'm a new reader, but it's already one of my favorites.

  25. I like OTO3536, but maybe I would be nice and let my husband pick some sunglasses. He has the most difficult face for glasses!

  26. My favorite are #OTO3538, and while I'm not at all sure I can pull off big sunglasses, I'm sure going to give it my best shot.

  27. well, I think these are the same as yours, but you always have had cute sunglasses, so it's no surprise that I like these the best. I would go for #OTO3574 and I hope Ella picks my name out of a hat. Please oh please!

  28. Do you read Go Fug Yourself? They always say that everyone looks better in sunglasses, and it's totally true. Good gracious, you look like a movie star in yours! You and Kayla both!

    I'd have to also join the starlet club and get the #OTO3538 in black. the bigger the better!

  29. Oh, I'd get the exact pair you got, and for the same reason. I'm actually pretty careful about my sunglasses and usually manage to make even the cheapy ones last for years, so you'd think I would have justified replacing my ill-fitting $10 Ross sunglasses that make me look like a bug but… nope.

    Now is my time (I hope)!

  30. I'd pick #OTO3502 in brown. I have a talent for cheap sunglasses too – my latest $12 pair felt like a splurge.

  31. Oh! And I am just in the market for some new frames! I would probably pick #CP8384. I love yours, too!

  32. Fun giveaway! I would choose #OTO3574 (is that the pair you're wearing?) I have never splurged on a pair of nice glasses, yet like you said, they are the one accessory I don't leave the house without. Fingers crossed!

  33. I would totally rock the OTO3540 glasses in burgundy! So fun 🙂 My email address is brynnash [at] gmail [dot] com 🙂

  34. I would definitely wear the #OTO3574 in tortoise! So so cute! jen.maschari {at} gmail {dot} com – Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  35. I have to go for those full frame men's ones. my husband is in dire need of new glasses and father's day IS coming up soon. 🙂

  36. Such a good giveaway with summer coming up! I would choose the OTO3541 in black. freeswim15 at hotmail dot com

  37. You did another giveaway!! Yay! I love your new shades! I do recall you always wearing cute sunglasses. I would love prescription sunglasses but can't stomach paying for them. So I would love #OTO3574

  38. I like the #OTO3543! I'm still working on remembering sunglasses when I go outside. I think I manage it about half the time these days.

  39. I would get #OTO3536. They remind me of some I got in London that made me feel like Audrey Hepburn.

  40. I've wanted some bigger black frames for a while — #SD2383 standard would do nicely.

    Great giveaway, Janssen!

  41. I love the #CP6074. Maybe if I won I would actually start wearing sunglasses instead of squinting into the sun like some kind of vampire.

  42. Oh man, they look SO GOOD ON YOU! Hooray for not having to "borrow" Bart's glasses anymore.

    Living in Seattle I've become a sort of mole-person when the sun comes out. I can't take any sun. Seriously. Even my kids are like "TOO MUCH SUN" and wear sunglasses without any issues about keeping them on. So having a nice pair of sunglasses is très importante.

    After probably too much looking around the Firmoo site I have to admit I like the glasses you got, OTO3574, the best. In tortoise, of course. Tortoise always adds class to sunglasses.

  43. I would choose one of the new Wraparound pairs. Thanks for the giveaway!! (

  44. There is something unusually fun and chic about style LYST6017…Love that pop of orange color!!

  45. This is going to sound totally dorky, but I would love to get a pair of nonprescription glasses, just for fun. The unisex full frame plastic eye glasses in matte black are calling my name.

  46. What a fun giveaway! There are several pair that I like but think I would pick #OTO3502 in red…love the side detail!

  47. Love the OTO3502 in red! Such fun! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Those glasses look great on your face! 🙂

    cameron dot lawracy at gmail dot com

  48. oh boy, mine just broke today, so I could definitely use a new pair! Not which ones I love best, maybe OTO3538

  49. Ooo WEEeee Ooo I'd look just like Buddy Holly! (#CP6030, black)
    and you're Mary Tyler Moore in those shades!

    {thomson dot family at yahoo dot com}

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