So I have a (maybe) great idea.

Yesterday, on my post about YA books, RA commented saying:

You know I am all about YA fiction, and that question to Sherman Alexie is horribly ignorant. But… sometimes I wish I could share my adult fiction (although I call it modern fiction so as to take away the squick feel) with you and see what you think! Would you be game?

I said, yes, I would be game. I told her to give me one title and I would read it by the end of the month and tell her what I thought. Her pick was Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Cool, right? I think so.

So here’s what I’m suggesting. Every month, I’ll ask you to offer up one book title that I absolutely must read (old, new, adult, YA, romance, mystery, sci-fi, you name it) and I’ll draw one at random. Then I’ll read it that month and review it.

Is that completely lame or would you participate?

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  1. Woo hoo! I can't wait to see what you think of Never Let Me Go. I will try not to hype it up too much here, but just know that I am internally and externally squealing.

    I can't wait to see what everyone else suggests! I plan to steal the recommendations, of course.

  2. fantastic idea. I would totally participate but (much like my husband…at this point we can use his name right? right…its Ben.) I get all my suggestions of what to read from you. I'm excited to get a new variety of books to read though….

  3. Oh, I totally second STM's suggestion of Peace Like A River. I adored that book. I am game! However, the problem might be coming up with a book that you haven't read before. 😉

  4. Seems like a good idea, but mostly I'm hear to tell you that you should definitely read Never Let Me Go, and as other comments have said Peace Like a River is an incredible read.

  5. I'd participate! I love telling (ahem – "suggesting") people what to read. Never Let Me Go is a fantastic choice.

  6. So many books, so little time – there better be books in the next life with lots of reading time!!! That would be heaven, right?

  7. I think it's a great idea. I'll be interested to hear what you think of Never Let Me Go. My bookclub read that one a couple of months ago.

  8. Sounds like a great idea to me! do my comments/suggestions count even if I am a lurker who is just finally commenting? =)

  9. Um, I'm going to participate on the back end of this. Books you like, you pass on to me. Deal?

  10. I'm totally in.


    I just typed in a giant list of "Janssen to Read's" but decided I'd wait until you at least called for favorites. :o)


  11. Sounds like a great idea! Not because I will have anything to suggest to you (I think I only read things these days that you have recommended), but because I will probably reap the benefits. 😉

  12. I would participate!

    Hope you like Never Let Me Go. It is one of my favorites! (It is set in a boarding school, sorta, after all! 🙂 )

  13. Oh that sounds like a lot of fun! I can see a lot of bloggity interaction in the following months..

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