Just a Little Joke

Remember all that talk about going to Spain for the fall?

Change of plans.

Because a week ago, Bart got a call informing him that there was a spot at the London Business School for him.

When Bart first applied to study abroad this fall, London Business School was one of his top choices, but since it didn’t look like there were any spots there, we decided on Spain instead.

But then a spot did open, and suddenly we were facing a really tough choice between London and Barcelona. We’ve spent the last week going back and forth, weighing two really great choices.

In the end, London Business School won out, in part because it was a school that Bart’s been interested in for years, and partly because Bart and I both love London so much. Also, the fact that you don’t need a visa for the UK if you’re there for less than six months fills me with joy, but that’s probably not the most important reason.

Both of us studied abroad there (you can see some hilariously unflattering pictures of Merrick and me in 2007) and both of us absolutely love that city.

The thought of being there together, with our little girls, makes me just giddy with excitement.

(I’m ignoring the fact that London will be WAY colder in the fall and early winter than Barcelona would have been. The fact that it’s currently 109 degrees in Las Vegas makes the idea of cold a little easier to stand).

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  1. London will be wonderful! You'll have to take a trip with the girls to Paddington Station when the movie comes out. And a side trip to Barcelona during a long weekend will be easily possible.

  2. You've made a great choice to move to London. Our family with a 5 year old & 10 year old moved to London last November, and we could not be happier. If the weather gets to you, book a trip to Barcelona on a fast, cheap flight!

  3. Woah… Now I'm REALLY jealous! England is totally on my bucket list. That's so cool that everything worked out that way! I expect frequent reports on all your British adventures!

  4. That is so exciting! You guys will have to just do a short trip to Barcelona now to make up for it!

  5. Hooray! London will be so magical for the girls! Can't. Wait. to follow along on this adventure!

  6. What a fun change of plans! I've never had much interest in overseas travel, but recently, we became friends with a couple in London. Now I really want to go!

  7. Hooray! Having the British husband and all, we are very pro-London 😉 Great choice!! Can't wait to hear about all the adventures you'll have!

  8. So exciting! Tough and crazy choice! Both are so amazing, totally jealous! Did you know the chestnuts are moving to London too?!


    Sorry, about six thoughts at once there. But I am so utterly delighted and please do say we can meet up for tea somewhere fabulous while you're here!

  10. So exciting! We are hoping to do a work abroad in London in a few years so I'll be interested in keeping up with your trip.

  11. When I first started reading, I was thinking…yessss!!! they're coming back to NC for the fall!! But that's ok….I think London will be a little more exciting 🙂 I didn't know you did a study abroad over there. So fun!!

  12. Whoa! That's just as exciting! So many times I've thought it would be so fun to live there for a time. Jenae and I were just talking about London recently (since she's there right now) and how they might be spending bits of time living nearby every so often. And we really want to see it eventually!

  13. So exciting. Was there for two weeks with my three year old this spring with the hubby (who was there for work) and it was so much fun taking her around the city. So much to do and see. Enjoy it! Such a great city.

  14. How fun! I just chuckled a bit because hey, we'll just live in a different country for a while! I love how simple blogs can make things. Have a great time! I will be so very jealous of your cold rainy weather the whole time! Especially when it will still be in the 100s during October.

  15. Hooray for London!! I've been here 6 years…only came for 2 originally, oops. 😉 It's such a great experience living abroad, and to have it for your girls during such a formative time is amazing. And hey – Barcelona is so easy to get to from here, you can just hit it up when you need a bit of the warmth!

  16. Hooray! That's a big accomplishment for Bart (and you!). You're going to love living in London, just wear tons of tights and wool 🙂 Excited for you.

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