How Do I Still Own Clothing I Don’t Like?

You guys were so so nice to vote last week for Crawford – I appreciate it tremendously.

And, now with that out of the way, we’re free to talk about much more important things like my closet.

Since reading Zero Waste Home and also rereading parts of The No-Brainer Wardrobe, I’ve been ruthlessly cleaning out my closet.

I thought I was down to the pretty bare minimum, but then I went through it after reading those books and filled two more (paper!) grocery sacks (plastic would be very environmentally-unfriendly, plus I have to save those for taking out diapers every day or two. . . ).

Because I’m such a miser with my money, it’s hard for me to admit when something just doesn’t work because it feels like throwing money straight into the garbage can. Somehow, it seems more reasonable to keep it sitting, unworn and irritating, in my closet for months or years before I finally admit that, okay! I will probably never wear this.

Apparently, I wrote about this exact same thing last April too, so clearly this is just going to be an ongoing process for me. Check back next April where I will probably be blathering about the same topic again. It’ll be incredibly exciting, I promise.

RA is hosting Mission: Put Together next month, and I’m contemplating doing the part of the challenge where you pick 31 items of clothing and only wear those for the month. We shall see how brave I feel next week.

(This picture was pre-haircut; I am SO glad it’s a little bit more in control now).

Shirt: Target, Jeans: American Eagle
Sweater: Downeast Basics, Shoes: Payless

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  1. Yesss, do the 31 for 31! As of today, there is only 1 official entrant, so if you are successful at doing this, your odds of winning free jeans are HIGH.

  2. We're currently packing and I've tried to edit down my closet to just the bare minimum because we've decided to try and avoid buying clothes for a few years when were in London (travel is a MUCH higher priority) and therefore needed to pack everything thing we'd need for three years. I've gotten rid of a bunch of old clothes, ones I didn't like, things that were no longer my style and was feeling pretty proud of myself. Until I ran out of space. I didn't realized I owned so many! More editing required, I think.

  3. If you donate used items, many places (Goodwill, many church and hospital run thrift stores, Salvation Army, etc.) will give you a receipt so that you can take a tax deduction. Or, if your items are really nice, why not put them in a consignment shop and get a few dollars back?

  4. We're having a yard sale next month and I need to do one last sweep of the closet and dresser. I've been purging my clothes since December and keep finding more and more that I don't wear/doesn't fit. It's hard!


  5. ugh…I probably said this same thing to you last time you shared this, but I am the same. I don't even like most of my clothes, but I'm so bad at spending money to get new clothes that are good, basic, and will last me a long time. And I don't even want to talk about trying to deal with clothes and pregnancy right now…

  6. You always look adorable and I wish I was satisfied with my clothing….granted that's also hard when you have 60 days left of pregnancy-not that I'm counting down or anything.

  7. Bummer — I just learned that Shade is going out of business. You were the one who tipped me off for them. So where else do you recommend? I usually do a lot of Target and Old Navy for clothes, but I loved the modesty that Shade offered. Help!

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