House Tour: Front Porch

porch swing

We’ve never lived in a house with much of a front porch.

The house we owned in Texas had just a front step so you could put about one flower pot there and that was it.

Our first house in North Carolina was much the same and our second house had sort of a long narrow porch in front but we did absolutely nothing with it.

This house, though, has a big front space and I knew immediately I wanted to do something fun there. The first few months, when you’d walk up to the front door and it looked like an abandoned house? Not my favorite.

I also don’t love most patio furniture – I feel like that metal and glass stuff always looks cheap and gets dirty or rusty really quickly, so I started brainstorming what we might put out in the front that would give it a more homey look and we’d actually use.

My parents have a porch swing and because it’s on a covered patio, even in the hottest summer afternoons, it wasn’t too bad to go out there. Every time we visit my parents, we end up spending most evenings out there before the girls go to bed.

When I saw that Wayfair sells porch swings (and that they aren’t even very expensive), I immediately knew that was exactly what I wanted on the front patio.

Last weekend, after Star was tucked in bed and the girls were in their pajamas, we all snuggled out there with a cozy blanket and passed out candy to the last few trick-or-treaters. Afterward, Bart said, “I LOVE having a porch swing.”

Almost every afternoon, the girls take their snacks out there and the baby crawls around on the rug, and we enjoy the perfect weather.

I’d still like to get a coffee table for out there (I’ve been casually eyeing this one) but in the meantime, we’re loving another space to spend time together.

And decorating it for the holidays is just the icing on the cake. It’s so delightful to drive up and not think, “Does anyone even live here?”

porch swing


porch swing


porch swing


porch swing


porch swing


porch swing


porch swing





porch swing


Porch Swing: c/o Wayfair
Rug: c/o Dash and Albert
Pillows: Marshalls
Throw: Marshalls
Basket: Ross
Blanket: made by my Aunt Miriam
Window Stars: Michael’s
Tray: Wayfair (a gift from Landen)


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  1. Your porch is so pretty! I LOVE that swing. One of my favorite memories from high school was eating popsicles with my Bishop's daughters on their porch swing after church on Sundays. Your girls will love it so much.

  2. I'm envious! We don't have room for a porch swing, although we do have a kid swing out there, which gets a fair amount oof use (and sweet comments from the neighbors). Your porch looks cozy and festive!

  3. We have a porch swing in the front and we absolutely love it. We spend HOURS out on that swing in the summer. I've never thought to put pillows on it. Don't they get dirty? Are you afraid someone will take them? And in the winter, they'll get snowed on and wet and icy…. I guess that doesn't happen in Phoenix. But it totally does in Denver!

    1. I have wondered if someone would take them, but so far in the last couple of weeks, no problem. Crossing my fingers that this keeps up.

      And you'll want outdoor pillows which are made to resist mold. Also, our patio is totally covered, so I'm not too worried about rain and definitely not snow here. But if there was going to be a HUGE storm, I'd bring them in.

  4. we have just enough space for a swing. We have the swing but it needs a new paint job and my husband needs to hang it. I love yours! I think we may have a similar porch.

  5. that looks so cozy with the Christmas pillows and hot chocolate. HOw fun to decorate a house you are going to be in for a while!

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