Ella Enjoyed: Five 6th Grade Chapter Books to Read

It’s fun that Ella’s at an age where more and more of her books appeal to me. I love a good middle grade novel and there are SO MANY good ones out there!

Here are five that she’s loved recently!

6th grade chapter books

6th Grade Chapter Books to Read

Framed by James Ponti
320 pages
Ella has loved the City Spies books, so when I discovered this mystery series by the same author, I snagged them all for Ella who blew through them in a week. This book follows Florian Bates who is the only kid that the FBI Director has on speed dial (and a kid that a whole lot of criminals want taken care of). After a move to DC, Florian and his new friend Margaret uncover a mystery that involves a major crime ring, the FBI and the National Gallery. It’s up to them to solve the mystery AND get their homework done.

What Ella has to say: This was a book that was recommended to me by several people and my mom picked up all three of them at the library. I read the first one and it was REALLY good – I read all three and I was so sad when there were only three books in the series. I really like these books because they have interesting plots and I like the characters and I always like a mystery. Someone just needs to make them into a graphic novel and I’d read them six times each.

Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix
192 pages
Jessie and her family live in a frontier village in 1840 and when diphtheria sweeps through the village, there’s no hope. Until Jessie’s mother tells Jessie the big secret – it’s actually 1996 and their village is a reconstructed tourist site. Now Jessie’s mother is tasking her with slipping out into the real world to bring back the medicine that can save them all.

What Ella has to say: This was one of my Battle of the Books books and it was not what I thought it was going to be based on the cover. It was a really really strange concept that kind of blows your mind, but I came to terms with it during the book. I really liked it AND I totally predicted the plot twist.

A Place to Hang the Moon by Kate Albus
320 pages
This was top of my list for read-alouds this year and even though I knew my kids would be a hard sell (this cover doesn’t exactly scream fun), I was determined to do it anyway. And then we all LOVED this story of three siblings who, after their grandmother dies, have nowhere to go. Fortunately for them, the evacuation of children from London during WWII is going on and their grandmother’s solicitor suggests that they leave with the other children and try to find a permanent family in the countryside. They all know it’s a long shot but it’s also the best one they have. I SOBBED my way through the last few pages.

What Ella has to say: This was one of those books that Mom wanted to read and none of us wanted to read, but it turned out to be really good (proven by the fact that we read it in six days). I really like Edmund and I think the whole idea was really interesting and it was great to learn more about WWII.

Frozen Stiff by Sherry Shahan
160 pages
In case Alaska didn’t already seem dangerous enough to you, this book will really show you how WILD Alaska is. Cody and her cousin are excited for their camping and kayak trek into the Alaskan wilderness together with their moms, but when they sneak off together and then lose Cody’s kayak along with her supplies, thing are going to get very dangerous, very fast.

What Ella has to say: This was another Battle of the Books books and I was not looking forward to it, I must say. It was pretty good and I really liked learning about Alaska and the glaciers. I thought it was a little weird but it had a good plot, even if the ending was a little confusing.

Last Dance by Hanna Schroy
190 pages

Miriam has trained her whole life to be a ballerina and she’s finally snagged the spot as prima ballerina. But what her dance company does know? That all the years of training have left her with an ankle injury that will mean the end of her dancing career. Until she finds a secret room with a pair of mysterious ballet slippers that promise to return her strength. But at what cost??

What Ella has to say: This was a graphic novel that I saw in Book People in Austin and then found it at my library. It’s really good but definitely a strange plot. I liked the idea even if it was a little creepy and I liked the ending a lot. I thought the illustrations were very pretty and it was kind of a different style of book than I normally read. I think it’s better for a little older readers because it’s a little bit scary.


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  1. I love when she expresses surprise that books you’ve chosen are actually good. Kids are so funny.

    I read Running out of Time a few years ago and really liked it. The cover of our library book was so awful though!

  2. Wow, I remember reading Running Out of Time when I was in 6th grade and loving it! Glad to hear it holds up for future generations!

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