5 Things on My Birthday Wishlist

I’m turning 38 next week and frankly, it kind of feels like a bonus year because I’ve spent almost the entire year feeling like I was 38 and having to remind myself I was only 37.

I actually feel great about my age but when I look at those numbers typed out here, I kind of can’t believe it. Most of the time I still feel 17 inside!

As usual, I’ll arrange for a little birthday lunch with Bart and some family members and I’m sure we’ll do something fun as a family over my birthday weekend, although I haven’t yet planned it.

What I HAVE planned out is my birthday wishlist – here are 5 things I’d love for my birthday this year:

gifts for a 38 year old wife

5 Things on My Birthday Wishlist

I bought a pair of the black ponte ones this summer (on thredUP) and have loved them so much that I’m finally willing to spring for another pair, even though they’re pricey! An olive green pair feels like a perfect addition to my wardrobe that will work year round.



We always have bags of protein powder on our kitchen counter and I’d really like to store them in something a little more aesthetically pleasing. I looked at LOTS of jars and these are my favorite I’ve found for a reasonable price and a good size!


It wouldn’t be a Janssen birthday list if there wasn’t a pair of shoes on here – I LOVE a good pair of shoes and after seeing my friend Melissa and my sister Merrick wear these all last year, I knew I wanted a pair too! Plus, they’re 30% off right now.



We have plates and cups for outdoor dining but we don’t have any bowls which makes it tricky if we’re ever doing anything soup-related or serving ice cream. I’d love a set of these so we didn’t have to keep buying disposable bowls!



With multiple laptops that my girls use for Savvy and school, plus Kindle readers, Gabb watches and Ella’s Gabb phone, I really could use a station to easily charge and store them all! I spotted this one on Instagram a few months ago and have had my eye on it since then!



I’d love to hear some of the best birthday gifts you’ve received (or what’s on your birthday wishlist!).


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  1. We just got a charging station and love it! It keeps everything organized in one place and only uses one outlet, rather than charging all over the house! My birthday is also next week (the 14th)! This year, I am really hoping to get the neck book light that you have shared. Oh and a book or four. 🙂 I usually make an Amazon list and send it to people when they ask what I want.

  2. My husband and kids kicked me out of the house on a Saturday. They tidied up the house, did a few small house projects, cleaned up my craft room (the kids had made large messes). They also found a solution for our shoe storage problem. Basically everyday I get a gift because of what they did!

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