The 10 Best Sellers From 2023

I love looking over my data (hello, nerd alert) and one of my favorite things at the end of the year is seeing which products you really loved!

I did this for the first time last year (you can see the bestsellers of 2022 here!) and I loved seeing the 2023 winners.

Here are the most popular 10 items this year! I was especially happy to see a book hit the top 10 list this year – that didn’t happen last year!

best sellers from 2023

The 10 Best Sellers From 2023

cute sticky notesCute Animal Sticky Notes
These were the runaway best seller of the year, thanks to being on my viral $5 gift guide this year. I got these for my girls stockings and they are just SO CUTE!



shower steam trayShower Steamer Tray – $5.49
I discovered shower steamers this year (these are my favorite) and I was instantly hooked!  These little silicone trays keep the steamer in place and off the shower floor, so they last longer. I’m so happy that the #2 best seller was a small business – I think it made her whole year!


rubber twist tiesRubber Twist Ties – $3.48 (6 in. 2 pk) or $4.99 (3 in. 4 pk)
I DESPISE cords hanging out (got that little quirk from my dad) and these cord ties are a simple way to keep them tidy! Makes me delighted to see these hit #3! 



happier hour bookHappier Hour by Cassie Holmes
I read this one in the fall of 2022 and couldn’t stop talking about it – so much so that I added it to the 2023 Everyday Reading Book Club lineup and when the Kindle version went on sale for just a few dollars, SO MANY of you snagged a copy!


matte clawsMatte Claw Clips – $8.99 for 8 piece
My girls are way in the clutches of the claw trend (much like I was at their age!) and these clips were massively popular when I put them in their stockings this week!



the pink stuffThe Pink Stuff – Miracle Cleaning Paste – $4.99
I was dubious about this stuff when I first heard about it, but I used it on a white playroom table that had Sharpie marks all over it and it took it right off! Perfect for anyone who loves to clean or who hates messes. Apparently that’s LOTS of you!


splendor gameSplendor
This is my #1 favorite game and we play it all the time. I was SO HAPPY to see this hit the top ten list because it’s always my top pick for a game. Every time I mention it, people are like “do you like it better than Settlers of Catan?” and the answer is “absolutely, no questions asked.”


lcd writing screenLCD Writing Tablet – $9.99 for 2
I wrote about these in a post about what I keep in my church bag. I love that there is endless amounts of things you can do with them (tic tac toe, guess what I’m drawing, etc.) and absolutely no waste!



book necklightNECK BOOKLIGHT
This made the top sellers list last year too! I was SO dubious about this book light when I tried a million different book lights, but after everyone raved about them, I gave them a go and they’re clearly superior to every other book light. I tested them on my kids, my husband, and some friends and everyone agreed – way better than any book light that clips to your book. And perfect for doing puzzles, embroidery and any other close up work. I LOVE that you all love it as much as I do.


portable air compressorPORTABLE AIR COMPRESSOR
If the man in your life loves emergency preparedness or cool gadgets, this is perfect – it’s great for bike tires or car tires! This has been one of the MOST popular things I’ve shared all year! I gave this to Bart for Christmas last year and he’s absolutely loved it.


Have you tried any of these? I’d love to hear which ones have been hits for you (or other items I’ve suggested that didn’t make the list!).


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  1. My sister & I both read your blog and we BOTH bought some of the animal sticky notes for niece/nephew stockings. 😂😂 We got different varieties at least!
    And that reading light is fantastic! I bought one for myself!

  2. I didn’t even know about a booklight you could wear on your neck until I saw it on your blog. Now it’s the ONLY kind I will ever use again.

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