Because You All Know About Jabez Daws


Once there was an antelope

Who said, “I’ll write to Santa Clope.”

“You mean, my son to Santa Claus,”

His mother told the antelaus.

“I know, but Mom it never rhymes –

I’ve tried it half a dozen times!”

And so he wrote: “Dear Santa Climes,

Do you have skate for antelimes?”

“My son, see here, this will not do,”

His mother told the anteloo.

“It’s Santa Claus! Now try again.”

And so he wrote: “Dear Santa Clen,

I’d like some skates, I’d like a sled. . .”

“No, no,” said Mrs. Anteled,

“It’s Santa Claus, not Clope or Cled

Come quit this joke and go to bed.”

The outcome is that Santa Claus

Not hearing from the antelaus

Forgot to think of sleds and skates

And brought red flannel underwates!

Which makes me friends, in your behalf

Compose this final paragraph.

It’s sometimes best to stick to prose

When writing notes to Santa Close.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this poem. I’ve made note of your post on Blogden Nash where I report on the reach and influence of Ogden Nash on contemporary life. Good luck in your ongoing adventures with writing.



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