I’m Alive!

Guess where I am right now.

Did you guess a Super 8 Motel in Beaver, Utah? You win!!!!

We had planned to drive up to Utah today, but we left quite late (about six hours after we planned) and when we got to Beaver, it started snowing like crazy – we couldn’t even see the road and I wasn’t about to trust the tail lights ahead of us to get us safely to Provo. So, we decided our lives were worth the $64 to get a hotel room. And here we are, watching lousy TV. Hooray! (But not dead!)

And a quick poll. Which car would you prefer?

The Dodge Caliber?
Or the Dodge Avenger?

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  1. I totally got stuck in Fillmore one night after Thanksgiving during a bad storm. My sister, her friend and I got the LAST ROOM in the hotel. It had a queen sized bed and there were no extra pillows or blankets, so we just had to snuggle. The guy at the desk tried to make up for it by giving us extra shampoo. Shampoo doesn’t keep you warm at night.

  2. Where is the non-Dodge option? Because seriously, all of my anti-American made bias has been confirmed by this horrific Dodge Caravan rental we have right now. I hate this car more than words, but not quite enough to choose a regular car or no car over this rental minivan.

    Glad you’re safe and I’m sure by now you’re not even in the hotel room anymore…

  3. Tough one. Why those two options? I wanted to pick red, but then was tempted by the sportiness of orange. So, basing it soley on color, go orange. It’s hot.

  4. I am also curious about the two Dodge options, but given the choice, I’d choose the Avenger because I am a wimp who could never drive an SUV-scale car. Plus, it appears that you can plug your video game controller RIGHT INTO IT. Bonus!

  5. We always hit the worst snowstorms in Beaver. Hope you had fun! I am glad you are safe! I would choose the orange one, I already forgot what it was called. Then I would buy a wii to play at home since it might be distracting while driving.

  6. Hey, I’m not picky, any car would be an improvement over the crew cab, 8 foot box ford pick up that is “my” vehicle to drive! Not complaining though – grateful to have wheels at all.

  7. Neither. American cars stink.

    And remember how last year Eric and I were stranded in New Mexico for a night. And then we spent the next night stranded on a highway?

  8. Wow! I’m glad you guys stopped. Say hi to Utah for us!

    And neither. I pick the Toyota Camry. But if you have to have the Dodge, I’d say the one with better gas mileage and less environmental impact.

  9. I vote Avenger because the Caliber doesn’t give you any extra seats, but will probably be more of a gas guzzler. Plus I like the Avenger’s look a little better.

  10. oh and I love that you are dedicated/addicted enough to blogging to keep us updated even when you are stranded by a snow storm. I love getting to read about your adventures!

  11. for some reason I have to be anonymous because blogger/google NEVER remembers me. anyway, I vote for the Caliber


  12. My car in high school had the following bumper sticker:

    take a ride on the wild side. visit beaver, utah

    enough said!

  13. Ugh, Beaver is a miserable little speed trap.

    Also, my well-learned car salesman friend says that Buick/GMC is the best buy right now, because their reliability has caught up to the Japanese, but public perception (ergo, price) has not.

    Also, I found your new blog. No wonder ‘Brozy kept referring to new posts.

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