8 Favorite Books from the Audible Sale

Right now, Audible has a sale going on with hundreds of titles on sale for $5 or $6 each.

If you’re looking to stock up on audiobooks for a deal, this is a great time to grab them!

I’ve listed some of my favorite audiobooks from the Audible sale below, but first, a couple of things you’ll need to know:

  1. You need to be an Audible Premium Plus subscriber to access the sale prices. If you aren’t a current member, you can sign up for a free month here.
  2. The sale ends Thursday night! Do not wait if you want to snatch up some titles – they’ll all go back up at midnight on Thursday night!

Here are my favorite picks from the Audible sale (you can see the entire sale section here!)

audible sale

inklingInkling by Kenneth Oppel – $4.99
6 hours
The girls and I started listening to this in the car and then Bart joined halfway in and requested we not finish it without him. Things aren’t great for the Rylance family. Their mom has passed away and now their famous comic book writer dad has writer’s block. And then Inkling arrives. When the ink in one of Dad’s sketchbooks run together, the blob leaps off the page and Inkling is born. And he might be just what the whole family needs.
when the day comeWhen the Day Comes by Gabrielle Meyer – $5.99
12 hours 30 min
In this time travel book, Libby is given the gift to go to sleep in one time period, and wake up in another time period without any time having passed. She splits her time between 1774 Colonial Williamsburg and the other in 1914 Gilded Age New York City. She lives a very different life in each, but there comes a time when she must make a very important decision about which time period she will stay in forever. This was a fun listen! 

always and forever lara jeanAlways and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han – $4.99
8 hours 45 min
I pretty much spent an entire summer talking about this series on my InstaStories. I just couldn’t help it – I think I read the trilogy three full times in a couple of months because no other book seemed as fun or engaging after this. If you need something great to read, I can’t recommend this series highly enough (Full review of the first book in the series here)


off the clockOff the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done by Laura Vanderkam – $4.99
6 hours 30 min
You know I love Laura Vanderkam (she’s the author of All the Money in the World which we read for the 2021 Everyday Reading Book Club) and this book about how to escape that perpetual feeling of busyness is a great read. I’ve really been thinking about this topic of time scarcity A LOT this year! 


the bridge homeThe Bridge Home by Padma Venkatraman – $4.99
4 hours 30 min
The streets in Chennai, India are extremely tough for kids. Surrounded by untrustworthy adults, sisters Viji and Rukku take shelter under a town bridge and meet brothers Muthi and Arul. The four of them become like family, but their ability to take care of one another is challenged when Rukku gets sick. Can they ask an adult for help or will it lead to the trouble it has in the past?

Playing Under the Piano: From Downton to Darkest Peru by Hugh Bonneville – $5.99
10 hours 15 min
Bart and I watched Downton Abbey years ago which stars Hugh Bonneville as the father of the main family. This laugh-out-loud memoir is all about the crazy antics of Hugh’s film career, and also includes details about his family. I just really want to know what it’s like working with a bear like Paddington. 


a wish in the darkA Wish in the Dark by Christina Soontornvat – $5.99
10 hours
After I read her book, All Thirteen, and love love loved it, I knew I had to read her other book that won a Newbery Honor (having two books both be Newbery titles in one year is basically unheard of). This one is completely different from All Thirteen, which is non-fiction – it’s a retelling of Les Mis set in a Thai-inspired fantasy world and it is SO GOOD. My girls and I loved this one. 


i will teach you too be richI Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi – $5.99
12 hours
So many people recommended this book about investing, budgeting, and spending on Jolly Good Dollar. It covers all the basics of personal finance and has a lot of very specific, useful recommendations. And, it focuses on living a “rich” life by using your money “consciously” to support things you value. We enjoy Ramit’s humor, though it may not be for everyone – you can see our review of it here!

If you grab something great from the Audible sale, let me know in the comments what you snag!

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