An Uncanny Resemblance

A few weeks ago, I mentioned we were planning to take Ella to see Frozen on Christmas Eve.

We left Ani with my sweet friend Celeste (who has done approximately ten million favors for me since I met her six months ago and always acts like it’s no big deal), and drove off to the theater.

For the first time I can EVER remember, we bought popcorn (it was $2 because apparently it’s on a special on Tuesdays) and even though Ella should have cost, since once you are three you get to pay $7 for a matinee, the girl at the ticket counter said, “She’s close enough to the free mark. Merry Christmas.” So, obviously, that made my entire day.

And Frozen was ridiculously darling. All three of us loved every moment (although, when the movie ended, Ella looked at me in a panic and said, “Is it over? I didn’t eat enough candy!”), and we’ve been listening to the songs on YouTube non-stop ever since, while we wait for the library to get their copies of the soundtrack.

But what I liked most about Frozen was something Bart pointed out on the way home and which has been delighting me ever since.

The movie (if you haven’t seen it) follows two sisters.

There’s Elsa. She’s the older one. She has blue eyes and blond hair.

Bart noted that there’s an older sister in our family. Named Ella. With blue eyes and blond hair.

(You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?)

Then there is the younger sister. Anna. Red hair, blue eyes.

And here is our younger sister, Ani. Red hair, blue eyes.

Elsa and Ella. Anna and Ani.

I hope Ella knows I’m keeping an eye on her for magical powers. Maybe she’s the reason our downstairs heater doesn’t work.

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  1. Gah! Adorable!

    I knew as a woman with sisters, and a mother of two daughters this one would be right in your wheelhouse…

  2. I see Halloween costumes in their futures! (Even though I know their real names aren't Ella and Ani, it'd still be SO DARN ADORABLE!)


  3. Speaking of resemblances, we checked out a book from the library about a little girl (well actually, a pig) named Ella and her umbrella. Made me think of you! I think it's called "Ella, of course."

  4. that is completely hilarious and adorable!! how cute!

    we, too, have listened to the soundtrack 1 million times. emery sang "let it go" at the christmas eve family talent show (with one week notice, so the 1st 999,999,000 were in that week). van sings it too. and izzy picked up emery's elsa doll just before her nap and was singing "go…go…go…"

    good disney music wins me over every time!

  5. What a cool and striking coincidence! My little (20-year-old) sister was thrilled about this movie because her name is Anna (pronounced the same way as in the movie), and this was the first time in her life she's heard her name pronounced "correctly." 🙂

  6. That's crazy!! I'm regretting that we didn't take our 3.5 year old to see it in the theater…I'm sure she would have had lots of fun! (Especially if we'd also done popcorn and candy!)

    Thank you for the coupons and very sweet note! I'm so excited to buy some diapers and wipes this weekend!! (Is that weird?! Haha, a mom's life)

  7. Nope, never 🙂 The only time I ever have to think about it is when I'm typing about them in a non-blog space (like an Instant Message or an email to my family). I'm used to TYPING their blog names, but I never say them aloud.

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