What We Gave Tally for her 5th Birthday

It is a very strange thing when your baby turns five.

When Ella turned five, I was pretty sure she was almost an adult.

Now, Tally still seems like my squishy little toddler, not someone who will be going into kindergarten this fall!

She was anxiously awaiting her birthday for WEEKS beforehand and was thrilled when the big day finally came.

Here’s what we gave her for her birthday:

5 year old girl gifts

5 year old girl gifts

LEGO Friends Street Food Market Set
A Lego set with “constructions” (instructions) was Tally’s #1 birthday request and she was THRILLED when that birthday wish was granted. I’m a little less thrilled about the Legos ALLLL over her bedroom floor, but she’s having a great time working on it, so I’ll let it go for now.


Play-Doh Grill Set
This was kind of a whim gift and then it ended up being the most popular of them all! Ella, especially, has been taken with it and the two of them have spent hours making little burgers and kebabs over the past week and a half. The grill marks that appear when you press the grill lid down on a burger patty have been especially popular


PicassoTile Set
We’ve had a set for the last seven years or so, but she’s been asking for months for an additional set so she could build more complicated things. This one was on sale and a great deal for 60+ more pieces!



Cauldron Quest Game
Tally LOVES games and she and I play a lot of them together while the big girls are at school, so this was a fun addition to our collection. This is a collaborative game, which is especially nice for a youngest child who often gets crushed in competitive games.


On Noah’s Ark by Jan Brett
This was Bart’s parents gift to Tally and it’s fun to be bulking up our Jan Brett collection! She does such beautiful, detailed illustrations.


Magnetic Paper Doll Set
My parents gave this to Tally and she’s loved it so far. It’s nice that it’s much sturdier than traditional paper dolls, plus the tin case makes it easy to take on the go.



5 year old girl gifts

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